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my greencast weird guys, less than a year, 2 soaks. Havent worn them in about 3 months but just made this. Enjoy
im pretty sure thos thread is dead but just ordered a pair of SR6s.... pics to follow. the craftmanship looks amazing
hurry up green weft, and wax coated!
got these in december didnt wear much untill.recently. 1 soak. greencast weird guys
i have some wg redcore sz 34" bnwt if anyone is interested $130 shipped via pp. smoke free home.
yeah i just did a soak on mine, purchased last october but barely worn em untill the last two months. ill post in a few months after some more wear. really trying to beat mine up.
anyone here working on greencasts?
one quick question. how come some raw deim is soft and others are super stiff? my greencast were super soft. will they fade and form just like the stiff ones? im guessing no
didnt know the forrest greens came in non selvage. ordered a pair from featurelv and they arent selvage. now i gotta return. about to grab some indigo/indigo. anyone have pics of those worn?
anyone have pics of faded greencast denim?
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