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I always love some PL fall ties, and really the entire PL fall collection overall. I just went to my local RL store in NJ and saw some of the amazing prices......really wish I would have gone the day after Christmas when the entire store was practically 75% off
Thanks, they should just combine all the sale items in the same page, especially since the prices haven't change. I really want some of those natural craftsmanship sweaters
Does anyone notice how most of the fall/winter items including sport coats, flannels, and sweaters are no longer on the website. I highly doubt all of these items just sold-out in the past day or two, especially some of the items that were available in many sizes and had many left in stock. I wonder if items were transferred to outlets earlier than usual this year
I bought a beautiful Purple label coat from Malford of London who I initial found on SF and ebay, but also has his own website. He definitely is legit and has some great prices too
I just spoke with a couple people and apparently the Short Hills store (and one other one that I can't remember) will be the last stores to close, and will constantly be receiving transfers from other stores that close before them. So, they have a decent stoke, and will probably continue to with the exception of accessories for some reason. Also, in regards to the sale, the current 40% off one ends tomorrow, so I would look out for a better one starting in a couple days. 
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