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Hello,   I am in the market for a new suit, and prefer a good quality one with full canvas construction. Up until recently, I have decided to buy the vast majority of my tailored clothing with Brooks Brothers as I have always been most familiar with them. However, I am trying to look for a suit that is better quality, but I am not sure what size to look for. I usually wear a 48 Regular in the madison cut, and I am not sure what that size would be equivalent to in...
I was in my local BB store a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of merchandise that was still on sale. However, I was even more surprised that the prices were essentially the same and in some cases even higher from those from the day after Christmas kicker sale? Something really seems wrong with that.
Also when do you guys think the merchandise on the clearance portion of the website will go to 75%+ off? Or will it just stay in the 50% range?
It says it is included in the price. But honestly, the prices of most items online are much better in store. I would recommend going to a store or having it shipped from one. It requires a bit of effort, but well worth it. 
With the prices that are in stores for the past week, there is no reason to buy on ebay instead. I often find you can get better deals directly from RL without the frustration of dealing with people who may not accept a return or act responsibly
I always love some PL fall ties, and really the entire PL fall collection overall. I just went to my local RL store in NJ and saw some of the amazing prices......really wish I would have gone the day after Christmas when the entire store was practically 75% off
Thanks, they should just combine all the sale items in the same page, especially since the prices haven't change. I really want some of those natural craftsmanship sweaters
Does anyone notice how most of the fall/winter items including sport coats, flannels, and sweaters are no longer on the website. I highly doubt all of these items just sold-out in the past day or two, especially some of the items that were available in many sizes and had many left in stock. I wonder if items were transferred to outlets earlier than usual this year
I bought a beautiful Purple label coat from Malford of London who I initial found on SF and ebay, but also has his own website. He definitely is legit and has some great prices too
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