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I also heard the pre-sale will start tomorrow
That is generally true for RL, although when I was in the RL Paris location a few years ago, I bought a great pair of pants that was surprisingly much less than similar or identical one's sold in the us. Btw, does anyone know when the Private sale will be this year. I try to buy most of the reasonably priced items during that time and wait till the end of the season to buy the real nice specialty jackets and sweaters during the end of the season. If I am not mistaken,...
I just bought a great Madison sport coat. I was pleasantly surprised that the man I ordered with automatically assumed I was looking for and honored the 40% deal despite the fact that I was ordering on the phone. I guess so many people have been bringing in the coupons that they are honoring it for everyone. If you are considering a purchase, I would try these last few hours before the sale ends.   Btw, has anyone received the 40% off on cordovans. I asked on the phone...
Yep I agree with the other sentiments on BB employees. They must work on a pretty steep commission because the vast majority are beyond terrible with service and try to take as many clients on at the same time. I found one in my local BB, but the rest of them are horrendous. Even trying to call up other stores could be very time consuming when playing orders for items only available in other stores. It is clear corporate does not have a good system in place as do RL which...
Does anyone know if the Loro Piana sale is going to be spring or winter merchandise?
You still may. I just received one today and I am in nj. I am pretty sure they were sent from Ct, so if you are further away, there might be one on the way for you!
It says on the back it can't be combined with any other discount or offer. I think I am going to try my hardest to get some cordovans, but if not, I will try to get a sport coat. Also, it says it is for one item only, do some SA overlook it and apply it to everything you get that day?
I was just in Hickey Freeman the other day and bought a suit. They are going through a renovation so they are trying to clear a lot of stuff out and have sales on pretty much all of there stuff at 50-70% off, although most merchandise is from the fall. The suit I got was a pretty light weight suit, so I thought it was a great deal at 50% off. Definitely worth a look, especially for dress shirts which are 70% off, and lots of stock. 
Hello,   I am in the market for a new suit, and prefer a good quality one with full canvas construction. Up until recently, I have decided to buy the vast majority of my tailored clothing with Brooks Brothers as I have always been most familiar with them. However, I am trying to look for a suit that is better quality, but I am not sure what size to look for. I usually wear a 48 Regular in the madison cut, and I am not sure what that size would be equivalent to in...
I was in my local BB store a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of merchandise that was still on sale. However, I was even more surprised that the prices were essentially the same and in some cases even higher from those from the day after Christmas kicker sale? Something really seems wrong with that.
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