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Next year I am definitely going to transfer all my stuff into the local store a week before the sale starts. Do you guys know how long the SA's can put merchandise on hold?
Yep, Semi Sale prices are up on the website (although the added 15% off kicker starts tomorrow).    I have to say, I am quite impressed. Basically all the outerwhere, polos, sport coats, and sweaters are 50% before the kicker. I honestly don't think I have ever seen such a great promotion from BB to date. I'm not sure why the sale is so much better this year than the after christmas one last year, but I'll take it with joy. Most sport coats are usually 30-40% off, but...
 No, I never said this. What I am saying is that this sale used to be much better, even last year, and has been getting progressively worse. The percentage has clearly gone done, but what I am most disappointed in is simply the very small amount that was included. In the past sales, most of the fall collection would be include. This year, a pretty small fraction. Most of the items I was planning on purchasing will end up being heavily discounted eventually, it would have...
Worst fall presale in years. Not only does the discount stop at 30% before the kicker (used to go up to 40%), but the selection is absolutely horrible. I really hope they add many more items when the sale "officially" starts
Last year I went to the Loro Piana sale on the last day as I heard from previous sales they would go down to 80-90% off. Nope. Most was only 50-60% off even on the last day, with sweaters (which is what most people want) only 40% off. As much as I like the brand, I was ticked and don't think I'll ever go back to their SS. Better luck at the outlets
I'm surprised considering the first day is only 65% off (at least from previous years). Was there any purple label in the larger sizes left?
Yep, it seems like Mal has been doing some gradual upgrades over time which has really given the website a much enhanced feeling. Also, some of the stuff he has been putting up lately has been awesome. The only thing I will complain about are the prices which although great, are not as great as they were last year. Also, for some reason, he took all the RL off the site today, even though it was on it two days ago. I am sure the hundreds of pieces that were on were not...
I believe, at least from previous years, it is online as well. I generally would wait till the end of the season to go to your local flagship or have items shipped to you from other stores for 60-80% off. PL and BL at less than that is simply overpriced, especially PL. and if you happen to be in the nyc area, the sample sale around the beginning of june has a great selection for 65-85% off on all BL and PL.
I was wondering the same thing. Some type of dispute must be going on, and I don't think the stuff on the site is as good as it used to be. Maybe he was too nice of a guy to say no when everyone asked him through SF for extra discounts, and it was hurting his business. All theories, who knows....
I love the fabrics that RL currently uses, but it is done with a fused construction. I always think canvas is the way to go. Also, most of the custom-fit jackets with extremely high armholes simply look several sizes too small.   There is a fine line between the traditional boxy HF fit and some of the newer HF fits that are modern yet aren't too trim as some of the RL models are. 
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