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^take a look at White's boots. Very comfortable once you get accustomed to their arch system.
Some additional thoughts In re the IWC. Partly echoing Dino - The case size of 45.4mm wide and about 14.5mm thickness doesn't work with the otherwise somewhat elegant look.  That date window just throws off the look for me as well.   The stats on the movement look good but I'd be careful to research it solidly before pulling the trigger.  IWC has a somewhat hit or miss history with their in-house movements of the last decade.  Could be a 'hit' just make sure you...
  Wife's Planet Ocean - gonna try and sell it to make room for an incoming piece she ordered yesterday.  Her collection is going to be better than mine at this rate lol.  
Not a new video but popped up recently and I thought the TWATeratti might find it interesting. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7rWZvPuQHk
 So many of the commentators are desperately trying to show how smart they are. These things are bound to happen and the explanation is reasonable.
    A friend's hulk.  Would never have thought green could work so well.
If we're talking blue dials might as well throw in a pic of The Bleu....     
ALS Saxonia Moonphase.  Thoughts?  
    A friend trying on the JLC duometre à quantième lunaire enamel dial.  Certainty a watch to appreciate.
 What size are you looking for? If you're willing to go 'classic' i.e. small - there are killer vintage pieces in that range.Super fast example this VC at 32mmhttp://www.tourneau.com/watches/pre-owned-vacheron-constantin/18k-yellow-gold-les-essentielles-automatic--48002-000j-VVC00676.html
New Posts  All Forums: