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 I'm in this school of thought as well.  I seek out my shell when its snowing or raining.  I'll brush em back to health when needed but they can take a beating. 
mega watch porn alert   http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/with-the-seiko-eichi-ii-versus-dufour-and-ferrier
  Oh absolutely.  But its worth trying the quick magnetizing fix.   The Omega boutiques have local techs who can regulate your watches the same day if you set it up with them beforehand.   But 10 seconds, from my albeit limited experience, is usually a problem.  Often the easy problem, magnetized or if not, something that needs a service. 
Yes sir, takes about 5 seconds.  Any AD or boutique should be able to do it on site.   If that doesn't work, then it probably needs to be sent back for a fully service.     But very often a quick degaussing does the trick. 
10+ seconds a day sounds magnetized.  
Beautiful watch, beautiful shoes.  Carminas are amazing.     Metal band tool watch with balmorals would make some people's head explode - though I'm happy that's a different forum and shouldn't happen here.
I've sold/am selling on Watchuseek.  Has worked out well enough thus far. 
Today's watch:    
 I like the dial, the sub-dials are close but I think they make it work pretty well here.  A very good presentation for having close sub-dials at least.
I don't like a lot of IWCs, but that right there, is a nice watch.
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