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Jeez so people weren't kidding when they said Daytonas were sometimes hard to from ADs. The first AD, whom I bought two Rolexes from in 2014 while on vacation said, "oh yeah we don't have any and don't like to ship out of state anyway, but we'll keep you in mind when we get one in" Wow, OK, that's the end of that relationship! Second AD said they can get me one, but won't have any idea on when for a few days until Rolex gets back to them. Progress I guess... Luckily,...
Appreciate the insights, very helpful and thoughtful as always! The Zenith-era dials are very great. Love the history of the movement and the way Rolex rebuilt it to purpose. I was close to going that direction but think I'm going to end up with the current model, at least this time. You do make me take pause with the decision again though. But, at least for the white dial, the newer version pops better to me. That combined with the movement upgrades so eloquently...
Thinking about pulling the trigger on a new Daytona. Thoughts on: White dial or Black dial??? (borrowed pic)
My buddy's GO Panomatic Lunar. A little watch porn to mix into the RO lovefest Happy New Year everybody
^No worries, it's nice to get some variety on here! I like the font on the date window... odd thing to focus in on but it quite nice.
Titanium works really well for some watches. The lightness can make a larger watch very comfortable. The more dull luster of Ti puts off some people but it has its place in a watch collection imo.
In regards to the Datagraph. A bit of a busy dial that leaves me just a little cold. While the movement is beautiful, I'd head elsewhere at that price point if I had it burning my wallet. (And yes, I've handled both versions in person.)
https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-ressence-type-5 Met the creator and handled the Type 5 on Tuesday night. A very interesting piece but not sure I'd invest that much in one
@steveH35 - I had the pleasure of meeting Max B├╝sser last week at a dinner in NYC - you pick excellent people to work with, what a guy! And excellent wrist shots - thanks!
Step away for the weekend and missed the latest pissing contest - and some lovely photos. Keep the later coming boys!
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