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Ahh, keep an eye out for Nick manousos' more technical articles then, probably more what you're looking for.
Indeed it is the same person. I think he was pretty open about his own tendency to not lambaste watches in his article.I imagine one would have to operate with a certain diplomacy if they're going to be asked back. Hodinkee gets amazing access to a lot of the brands and I think they do a good job with that diplomacy. There are plenty of other sites that don't seem to give a damn about access and do go after stuff they don't like. So there's a spectrum as with most news...
Yes and we've seen 2 dozen pictures of the Nautilus, but never a 'its been covered here before'.
What's everyone think of the recent Montblanc offerings? Got a chance to handle their latest Minerva-made models last night. Some very nice stuff that has mostly slipped under the radar a bit. http://www.montblanc.com/en-us/collection/watches/montblanc-collection-villeret-1858.html?=undefined
Hmm not on their website as a service center
 Since when does Omega have a facility in Penn? Nice to see if they're adding facilities. Had only ever heard of Secaucus NJ and Seattle WAI know Rolex has actual watchmakers in NY, I've met a handful of them, not sure what exactly they do at the HQ though, I'll ask next time I see them.
  The unsatisfying truthful answer, it depends.  I've done cash to check to Amex.  Cash is often king but some places will be the same price no matter what type of payment, in that case, yes to points.
^^15202 ultrathin also doesn't have a seconds hand which would drive me nuts.
 http://www.audemarspiguet.com/en/watch-collection/royal-oak for the current collectionI'd recommend calling around, somebody should be able to make that happen for you.
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