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So do you want an actual dress watch or sporty watch like most Rolexes? What about precious metal? Size range you prefer? Reverso is worth checking out. Something like an Explorer 1 might be up your alley as well but its not a dress watch.
It's so hit and miss at the boutiques. Was talking to the tech at one of the NJ boutiques about the Globemaster, which prompted my question here. He is a big watch guy and was loving the Globemaster. Not only did he know seemingly every detail about the watch, Omega had just sent him to Switzerland for training and to learn more about the manufacturing process.Gotta see it in the flesh, hopefully I can make it back over there this weekend when they have them on display.
Anybody see the new Omega Globemaster in person yet? If so, thoughts? They're making the rounds of the boutiques so hoping to see one soon.
^Yeah black and brown together usually doesn't work for me.
Funny - was gonna try oxblood/number with rose gold once the current strap wears out. I've paired it with the yellow gold and liked it but agree its case by case.
I think it would be absolutely epic to attend. The price is a ton for something like that, but they're just covering costs so I can't actually be mad at them for it.
^Lots of loaded questions there. Taking a quick stab while at work... But first, a question for you - do you know a good watchmaker who can service such a movement? It could get very expensive very quickly otherwise. Outside of that - yes the different companies during would finish the movements to greatly varying degrees. Some of the finishing is functional and some is not. Here's some good background information for...
^I did 101 over the summer and echo your comments. I've got 102 coming up in a couple of weeks, really looking forward to it. Nice pic btw!
I agree with above. Also, if you have any questions about condition, ask for more pictures. It is very important to be on the same page before pulling the trigger. If the watch was worn it will have marks, just be aware of what they are before buying.
The diamonds take away from the otherwise clean dial imo. But if you had to have diamonds on the dial, that's a solid way to do it.
New Posts  All Forums: