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Adam does as well, but apparently Alden doesn't :D
^I think you're talking about a storm welt no?
 Ahhhh gotcha, thanks!  I just put a deposit down on a Tricker's shell MTO, excited to see how that shell compares to the horween shell I've got in AE (and Alden).  I know Tricker's uses compelli or however you spell it, but they don't seem to have a shortage or nearly as much of a shortage on any of the lighter colors.
Which color shells can do you AE MTO with?  I know they don't do the walnut or whatever they called the light brown but what's fair game?
^I'd guess by looking at retailers prices for similar shoes -- 8-12 weeks is the lead time for the AAAC group MTO.  
 You know it!   The 9.5UK black stows I have are a touch big, need to wear thick socks to get the perfect fit, but the 9UK acorn stows are tight.  Talked to Richard about it and went with the 9.5UK for the MTO to be safe, he said there are some thin insoles available that could tighten up the fit if needed.  
^What did you get? :D
Anybody have a pair of Kensingtons and stow boots?  Looking for sizing info.   I'm sort of in between on stows and wanted to get thoughts on how Kensingtons fit in comparison.  Thanks
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