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Not to start a whole big thing but if we're throwing out thread pet peeves then consider mine every third post having 'YMMV', "Just saying" and/or "Just my two cents" in it.
 LUC Chopard makes some great stuff.  As a jewelry company that makes watches they seem to get the similar treatment as Piaget and Cartier
  FP Journe knows how to throw an event!  The Jewel Suite in the Palace?! Beautiful.  The Elegantes are pretty interesting ladies pieces PM'ed you a pic of me with the big guy for next time.  Thereby saving the thread a terrible pic :)
 @gopherblue Oh I don't know about more useful or eloquent but thanks! Also, I'd certainly recommend getting an FP Journe!
It certainly doesn't hurt.  I'm not familiar with the exact modifications but in general I would think this would make things a bit easier.   I've met quite a few watchmakers at various functions and several noted that unless you're dealing with very high, very specific in-house complications, a master watchmaker can way more things than they're often given credit for.  If you found a breguet pocketwatch that needed restoration you could get it done, it might be expensive...
 Far from an expert on either but some thoughts. Both seem to be doing some interesting things.  Speake Marin making some more affordable pieces with a very distinctive styling that seems to be love or hate.  They don't speak (ahem) to me but I can see getting one if you love the look. Habring is sort of a cool company.  You get a lot of watch cred for the money.  Coming from IWC, and working with ALS and the rest of Richemont the man knows fine watchmaking.  The split...
 Rolex has been using them so I guess they'd have a 'better' claim yes.  But Omega used a fluted bezel on c-shaped connies during the 60's.
300M is very nice.  Not in love with PCLs and fake aged lume but it still comes together nicely.   I'd take PO > 300M but its close.
 Looks should be a top concern!  Use everything else as tie breaker!  That said, some awesome choices.  What's first on your list?
^Or the wall!
New Posts  All Forums: