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Happy Memorial Day - Hope everybody has a great day with friends and family  
^I tend to agree that, when splitting hairs, the Lange 1 case is a bit too bulky vs the elegance of the watch. It's almost like Lange has 1 case that they just adjust to size for everything across their lines; saxonia to datagraph.
^While I like the reference it was actually sort of the opposite. I saw Ben the night he got the Daytona C at an unrelated watch event and he wasn't even wearing it so as to not get mobbed.
 The VC Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 or 'That beautiful chronograph with cow horn lugs' for us Americans.
Got to play with this one in the metal recently....  Just lovely.    
 Yeah I'm watching it now, some interesting pieces that still don't cost as much as a house... some.
So went to a panel yesterday about us.. err umm watch geeks.  Some interesting discussion.  If anybody is around NYC this weekend, the larger event, Timecrafters is absolutely worth checking out.   
BLNR LITTLE cheaper through DavidSW now w/ wire http://davidsw.com/product/rolex-116710blnr-gmt-master-ii-8/ or pre-owned saves a few hundred http://forums.watchuseek.com/f30/rolex-gmtiic-116710-blnr-black-blue-ceramic-bezel-random-serial-5yr-warranty-3155050.html
Please consider this the Obligatory Speedmaster Recommendation.
  This.  While I think it's a pretty watch I feel like it is a better 'in theory' watch than on the wrist.
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