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^True, but I think they also got cheaper.  Nevertheless, I'd say $99 to go full canvas is a great upgrade option.  I'm trying them out, I'll report back on the experience.  So far so good with the measurements, they've worked with me to refine the measurements I did myself.  Hopefully it works out
bump     Recently got 2 MTM suits from a local in NYC and I've been flirting with the idea of using them as a size base for a Dragon Inside suit.     Full canvas and bemberg lining delivered for under $700 with a sizing guarantee is tempting.   From what I've been able to find online, the quality of the suits has been improving but I was wondering if anybody has one of their suits and can give any feedback on them.   Thanks.
Yup those are horsehide and not shell.  Don't take that as a bad thing, HH is great, especially for boots, very tough.   As for the quality of it, they're great quality from the ones I've seen though I've never heard of VB using somehow superior HH vs other top makers.  But could be, they charge a large premium vs. White's.
 And I'm sure at tremendously high prices.  Viberg just seems to add $100 every release.  They lost me quite a few $$$ back.
Nice pickup. What are you looking at next?
^Which model in which leather?  I'd stay at 7.5 for oxfords in shell but downsize for anything calf or bluchers in shell
I knew me finally getting something in whiskey shell would render them no longer rare lol
Some of the guys at Alden NYC are great and others are sorta... well.. not great.
Of course, two weeks after I gave up waiting and pulled the trigger on some Carminas.  Though I am loving the Carminas....
^^^^^^^^^^^I'm surprised the whiskey got water marks, I think they'll work themselves out over time. 
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