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    This 'new' Zenith seems to look like lots of current Zeniths no?
After a week and a half at the shoe guy I couldn't wait until wednesday.  Giving them a soft debut today, only around the office.   Special shoutout @Watchman1 for making these possible!      
  What do you mean, a Spring Drive? 
 You are correct sir, forgot AP :) Think Omega still gets a bit of a prestige handicap being owned by Swatch, even if we like to talk about them a lot on here.  I like a lot of their designs myself, so that works for me lol. Interesting about Breguet, thanks for the info.  They often make the short list for me but I've never pulled the trigger on them.  Always a bride maid I guess.  It is a interesting dynamic with them and Blancpain for swatch.  They share some of the...
Any production update on the Ends for Friends pants from Feb?   
  I thought every post not rolex, omega or patek was automatically deleted.   But seriously, I think UN gets flack for some of their 'less traditional' designs.  I think some people tune them out even when they have something nice.  I try to fight this urge but think it creeps in. Breguet gets the swatch bump down.  All swatch brands are seemingly knocked down 1/2 a peg for whatever reason.  As for the watches, I think that UN is beautiful, the Breguet is too busy for me...
^Would have like 40 or 41mm better myself but willing to see how it sits on the wrist.  More importantly it seems a tad thick over 10mm if I'm remembering correctly.
What's everyone's favorite new watch from basel that isn't Rolex, Omega or Patek?
Liking this... 20k for white gold version.   Excellent implementation of roman numerals.       Pics from web
  I can see that.  I've got a PO8500.  Works well as part of a herd.  Sometimes I like having a big clunky diver, but if I only had one or two watches I might feel differently about it.  And the 9300 chronos... jeez even thicker.
New Posts  All Forums: