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Any suggestions for places with a good strap selection in NYC?       Trying to get a new strap for the wife without having to do a custom... well taking a shot at OTR first I guess.   (Think I asked this before but trying for some more, thanks!)
Wife wanted a rose gold dress watch with no diamonds.... Very few brands are making women's dress watches without diamonds so ended up picking up this guy, this weekend, Patek 3820R - pre-owned.  Will post a wrist shot once I get a better one.   32mm so too small for me, otherwise I'd be 'borrowing' it quite often!
  Omega Seamaster circa 1956 - calibre 501.
Any NYC TWATers going to the George Daniels/Roger Smith documentary premiere tonight?
^I thought you should get TWO more watches so you're already being very responsible!!
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