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  Pretty sure this was already mentioned but was also told at an Omega boutique last week that all pieces were spoken for. That said, I'm sure there are lots of resellers so yes get one :D
Little rainy today so...  
At least it's a real bow tie 
  I don't THINK they made a steel blue.  But I'm far from a vintage Rolex expert.
Anybody ever do any of the Madison Ave Watch Week events in NYC?  It's coming up but almost all of the events seem to be during business hours....
In the same manner something about the tool Rolexes just works, the Cellini just don't work for me.  It's like they're trying too hard or something.
Wow brands are very important to you eh?  You're in the league of watches where just about everything is nice so whatever you end up should be beautiful.   Some observations...   VC - not sure how it would be PP's wannabe sister brand.  Has been in operation longer and has a rich history all its own.  More popular in Asian counties than the US from what I've heard so maybe that's where you get that impression from?   Check out the VC Patrimony Traditionnelle in 38mm....
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