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^Also, be mindful of service history if you go with one of the older pieces. Also, service prices can be more in the future on the older pieces.
 I'm sure you guys have seen this but just for anybody who hasn'thttp://www.watchbuys.com/store/pc/WatchBuys-Road-Shows-d35.htm
Yes, yes we know you don't like Blancpain very much Dino    But seriously, I agree with you that the majority of people aren't going to notice your watch, let alone give preferential treatment based on it, unfortunately.   
A little watch nerd PSA -- Had a chance to meet the director of the Omega Museum, Petros Protopapas this week.  He's visiting the states, touring several boutiques.  Fascinating guy who is a walking encyclopedia of all things Omega and watches in general.  They're very excited to be opening an entirely new museum space across the street from the current location next year.  If you're ever going to be anywhere near Biel, or can see him while in the states, I'd recommend...
 He actually works for Seiko now. Going to be working at the Miami boutique. Good dude.
What a nice discussion. :)    I prefer 37-40mm or so to fit me but agree 38 should work for just about everybody.  Another part of the equation is the thickness.  The Patek you posted is a nice 8.6mm, so that really adds to the overall 'dress-ability'  Once things get thicker (than maybe 12mm or so) they wear bigger and sportier for me.  It's a secondary part of the equation but still an important one.
5712 dial doesn't do it for me. Sometimes a lack of symmetry can work but not a fan here vs the 5711.
Now there's some first tier finishing...
When did I call you a troll? You do mix watch knowledge into your inflammatory rhetoric. It would be nice if you wanted to discuss things without all the song and dance because you are very knowledgeable. Nevertheless, the pictures you finally provided did not prove me wrong. I'm sure you'll espouse yet another long reply to this and then we'll go back and fourth the rest of the day but I view the finishing on the 12-600AT as overall better than the modern calibers...
Keep saying the same thing over and over and maybe you'll make it true.
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