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Carmina 922 in saddle shell, fresh from Unipair in South Korea!  The finish on these is just insane.  
 Looks in between ravello and number 4 to me.  Sorta like the teak color that Tricker's uses from Compelli (sp?) Again, very nice!
Beautiful color
What do you guys think, can I fit into a 9UK Rain?  It's the only size available in what I'm looking at.   10D Alden barrie is a little large but can fit without any insole 10D Alden trubalance needs an insole (shell version, calf is boarderline) 9.5UK Trickers Stow needs an insole, they're .25 size too big 9.0UK Trickers Stow pinched at the toes but relaxed to a snug but non-painful fit.     Thoughts?
^Too many stow boots but I like the group MTO idea.  The AAAC MTO fell through.  I'm thinking of putting together a long wing blutcher in teak with danite sole - anybody have any interest?  
$240 for a resole?!  That's exploitive. 
Adam does as well, but apparently Alden doesn't :D
^I think you're talking about a storm welt no?
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