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[quote name="Epaulet" Typically about 12 weeks, so good chance that we'll see them all this month[/quote] Hopefully that green gingham comes by St Patrick's day!
Same for me today MrDv - matching the new #8 watch strap for the vintage 1956 Omega Seamaster
Well fine, I'll just shut my mouth then - get those boots!
400 for shell is a good deal these days, but I'd save up and get shell from a better boot maker like AE vs. wolverine
How do you guys 'dress' the reddish edge/welt on acron stows?     Is there a polish or something that matches the color that can be used for touch ups?   Thanks!
Where can you buy a good deer bone?
VSC and a horse hair brush will get rid of most of the scuffs without changing the color or over waxing. Call Richard the site healer as well, he had probably dealt with that color issue a hundred times
Well Whites are the closest. Finish is better on the vibergs but 200 plus difference in price. Whites have from what I've seen are considered more comfortable and a bit more heavy duty, but all that is subjective. That opinion comes from multiple testimony but obviously take it for what it's worth. Also, I'd also take an Alden cordovan boot with the commando sole or Trickers cordovan with a Danite sole which are the same price as cxl vibergs.
New Posts  All Forums: