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I recently tried them out.  I was drawn in by the full canvas and many options available for the price.  Overall, it was an OK experience but I'm most likely going to go back to doing MTM in person   The measuring takes time but DI was good about making me double check certain ones, and they were right most of the time.  Pants came out very nicely.  Suit jacket is a bit tight, there's some pulling/bunching in the front high enough on the chest that my local tailor said...
 Doesn't have to be, a lot of it is personal preference.  Some people seem to gravitate more one way than the other but the watch itself will dictate how dressy much more than the face color.  Now some crazy colors can make it less dressy but both black and white work all along the dressiness spectrum imo.
No chance to do the family pic I promised but while we're talking Explorers...    
Got to handle the Grey Side at an Omega boutique, that dial!        Think the name is sorta stupid though, but I can get over it lol
^976   It fits a lot of wrists funny but really works for me.  Love it more and more as I wear it
 Well I showed most of the good stuff already, but I'll put together a family photo soon :)
  Wearing this guy today - also let me throw it in for the person looking for recommendations in the 6-10k range!
^Not usually a fan of black w/ brown but it works on that iwc
While I post on some watch forums I'm more a lurker here but still quite enjoy it.  After a whirlwind search and falling in love with several watches from several brands I chose this guy as my celebration of paying off the last of the school loans.  FP Journe CS with gold dial!        
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