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BLNR LITTLE cheaper through DavidSW now w/ wire http://davidsw.com/product/rolex-116710blnr-gmt-master-ii-8/ or pre-owned saves a few hundred http://forums.watchuseek.com/f30/rolex-gmtiic-116710-blnr-black-blue-ceramic-bezel-random-serial-5yr-warranty-3155050.html
Please consider this the Obligatory Speedmaster Recommendation.
  This.  While I think it's a pretty watch I feel like it is a better 'in theory' watch than on the wrist.
Anybody have any bidding/buying advice in regards to buying a watch from one of the large auction houses?
^Ah yes, that makes more sense.  I think 7.5k is becoming the going rate for that specific watch but if you're patient you might be able to do a little better, but I wouldn't expect to see much better.  
^From what I've seen - yes, that's a good price.  A lot of people target the same years and movement, most are heading north of 7k.
Back to the finishing on the mystery movement... While a macro lens may tell otherwise, to the naked eye - I think the finishing looks excellent. You see several of the hard to accomplish interior angles on the anglage. The vast majority of makers, (including the trinity brands) don't include this handwork until their very complicated watches. Some 'high-end' brands don't include it at all.
^take a look at White's boots. Very comfortable once you get accustomed to their arch system.
Some additional thoughts In re the IWC. Partly echoing Dino - The case size of 45.4mm wide and about 14.5mm thickness doesn't work with the otherwise somewhat elegant look.  That date window just throws off the look for me as well.   The stats on the movement look good but I'd be careful to research it solidly before pulling the trigger.  IWC has a somewhat hit or miss history with their in-house movements of the last decade.  Could be a 'hit' just make sure you...
New Posts  All Forums: