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Some pretty cool looking 'Only Watches' coming out for the charity auction. What are everybody's favorites?
Heading to Chicago this weekend - any watch related attractions or stores that I should add to the itinerary?  
Anybody have any experience with Dornbluths?  Got to handle a few pieces this weekend and was very impressed for the price point.
 Well, unless mistaken, he is looking to buy a watch and not a brand.  Branding is of course part of it but the watch itself is first and foremost.  Buying something you don't like as much because of the name on it never made much sense to me. 
 This is true.  Though to be fair, Kamakura shirts are great - so you'd be good with either.
Thanks for the AD recommendations gents - I'll be sure to pass them along, much appreciated. 
Anybody have an AD that deals with IWC that they'd like to recommend?  Wife's friend is looking for her husband.  
Anybody ever go to a Watchbuys Road Show?   Seems like a good chance to see some lesser known German brands.
^I've had pretty good luck selling on some of the watch forums' classified. Less fees than ebay too.
  With only 4 students in the class what are the odds??!  That beautiful new IWC prep calendar gave you away!  Agree on the class being a real eye opener.  Very satisfying to get that movement beating away again upon reassembly!   
New Posts  All Forums: