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I've got an Orbita and some Wolf winders for the watches I like to keep active.  The Orbita is nicer but pricey, the wolf does the job well enough.  
Wife is deciding between AP 15450's as a big clunky sports watch.  Outside the fact that I think it's borderline too big even for that purpose; kinda stuck on the stainless vs. two-tone.  She has a all-stainless white dial Datejust already so we've been leaning towards the two-tone.  And while it really is an excellent use of two-tone, it's still two-tone... should I worry about long-term prospects with it (*edit* you're right, bad sentence; I meant have people gotten...
FWIW, I got the CK2998 LE over the summer, and while yes too thick and a bit quirky, it is a fun watch that should fit well into most collections.  Great dial and great color. It remains firmly part of the weekly rotation.  
  In regards to the 15202 dial discuss/color.  Here's mine when I was picking it up.  Shows some of the depth of the blue.  It really is something.
^Easily over a year... but will they say over two years?!?  The drama!
  Thanks, your love of the piece is infectious.  Appreciate all the insights!  Thanks again.
So this happened...     Due in no small part to this board's warranted fascination with the Royal Oak.  Thanks all for the great information regarding this piece over the years as well as the general enabling!  
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