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YG sub or day-date are one step too close to the Pearlmaster on the bling scale for my liking.
Phew, I thought we were gonna go a whole page without a Royal Oak pic. Close one. But seriously, nice watch box @academe !
Talk to the guys at the Tourneau on Madison. A lot of them are actual watch guys. They run deals from time to time on the pre-owned that gets them to decent prices. Regular prices are hit or miss.
If you enjoyed that article, check out The Watchmaker's Apprentice. Staring Smith and Daniels, it goes in-depth into Smith's story. As an aside, I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Smith this year, he is incredibly humble and very nice.
The above mentioned article links to the US Customs page which has some additional information and contacts for you to check out. Let us know what you find out.
Looks like you may have a chance. https://www.crownandcaliber.com/watches/rolex/how-do-you-import-a-rolex-watch-into-the-united-states/
Always some potential for issues with new movements but Rolex's new 5 year warranty should help ease those fears.The bigger issue is that it may be several years until the model(s) you want are given the movement, if ever.
^Even the PCLs? Yikes
Who knows with the currencies swinging around like they are. I've read upper 60's to lower 90's USD.
Pictures never tell the full story of a watch but that model in particular just looks so much different (even better) in real life. Congrats, great watch.
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