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Nice recent spat of Omega!
Kept up with thread rules as well (i.e. being a Royal Oak) well played. The 37 isn't too big for her? Let's see a wrist shot of that bling!
^Sounds like you're enjoying your NYC trip!
How's it feel on the wrist? That's as nice of a Bond LE that I've ever seen Omega do. Enjoy!
Quick somebody post a bunch of Royal Oak pictures!
A flurry of nice camera work gentlemen, kudos.
I like rolexes, I like diamonds and I like denim. Just not together Looks like you're getting some nice roping already on the shirt.
Ahhh yes I see it now. Nice character out of CXL down the road
Love the shell strap!
The rolex travel/repair cases are tough as nails. Omega gives you a much nicer looking round red pouch. Though I doubt it would take the same beating as the Rolex plastic box.
New Posts  All Forums: