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^Easily over a year... but will they say over two years?!?  The drama!
  Thanks, your love of the piece is infectious.  Appreciate all the insights!  Thanks again.
So this happened...     Due in no small part to this board's warranted fascination with the Royal Oak.  Thanks all for the great information regarding this piece over the years as well as the general enabling!  
^I would imagine they would just swap out the quartz movement for a new one.  But there might be parts availability issues.  Maybe call Cartier and see what their policy is on older quartz repairs.  
 Isn't that the version that had issues with the movement and terrible time keeping?
I'm yes on the winder if I'm going to be wearing the particular watch at least once a week. If I know for whatever reason I'm not going to be wearing it for awhile then I usually let them wind down. Sounds like a winder might be beneficial to you as it sounds like you're not moving enough to keep the mainspring wound. Pros and Cons either way though with the winders as everyone has rightly pointed out. You can get a Wolf winder pretty cheaply. They're pretty solid as...
  It's too big, too thick and it would look better without a date window...  :D  
 Fantastic - Geneva is great, enjoy!Several brands are close to the city and will actually come and pick you up for tours if you can book them ahead of time. A boutique or AD for whatever brand can help you out with setting something like that up.I was able to setup a tour at the Journe manufacture. It is actually in Geneva proper, so no car required. It was amazing, even the wife, who has only a mild fascination with watches really enjoyed it.
 Have heard some horror stories about servicing vintage seiko but also know some people who absolutely swear by them. PM me if you're interested and I'll get you in touch with a seiko aficionado who could likely give you the information you're looking for.
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