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Hmm not on their website as a service center
 Since when does Omega have a facility in Penn? Nice to see if they're adding facilities. Had only ever heard of Secaucus NJ and Seattle WAI know Rolex has actual watchmakers in NY, I've met a handful of them, not sure what exactly they do at the HQ though, I'll ask next time I see them.
  The unsatisfying truthful answer, it depends.  I've done cash to check to Amex.  Cash is often king but some places will be the same price no matter what type of payment, in that case, yes to points.
^^15202 ultrathin also doesn't have a seconds hand which would drive me nuts.
 http://www.audemarspiguet.com/en/watch-collection/royal-oak for the current collectionI'd recommend calling around, somebody should be able to make that happen for you.
What size is that Omega? What calibre? Looks like a good fit.
 Some great watches held back a bit by the 'Swatch bump' or not having Patek on the dial.  F. Piguet is now Manufacture Blancpain, they've shared a location for years even more the integration.  Resale isn't great as was mentioned so pre-owned is a good option.  Either way, you can get quite a few complications cheaper than a lot of the other high-end manufactures so if you like the look take a good hard look.
Rubber strap has been critical for the sticky weather.                         (And how could all the bodybuilding discussion skip over the 2 top winners - Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman?!?)
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