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So we agree - not so bad was it?  
Not so sure that's a drawing but here's the photo from their own website.     Would agree similar but give the JLC the edge with the polished countersinks, more difficult anglage and flat polished screws.  But as you implied there's a lot of subjectiveness in it and this is just two examples.  
Not so sure I'd just agree that Piaget movements are better finished than JLC of the same price.  A couple examples of both company's ultrathins show they square off nicely.    vs 
  the JLC 976 movement is fairly square.  
That heuer is a fine looking watch, congrats. 
  That puts pressure on the gears but doesn't automatically cause damage to movement.  See how the date change works on its own.
 Haven't heard anything bad about them.
 Didn't think my suggestion of some recent pieces as being interesting for a certain price point and for people to check out a brand would be met with such a.... negative response, therefore I didn't spend enough time making a more 'defensible' post and finding the 3-hander with no date.   But here's a world timer under 6k.    While far from championing the brand - just found it interesting.  Some of there 2 and 3k stuff isn't all in-house either for the record.
 Interesting take.  They surely are guilty of casing movement way too small for the case, which also bothers me.  So that does cut out a lot of their line. That said, the simple 3-handers don't have the cramped subdials and for 2-4k range look pretty solid.  Other than Nomos I can't think of other companies in that range that can actually make their own stuff.   Don't own one and likely won't but was surprised by their wide range.
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