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I always assumed this was way too big of a possibility so I haven't used Chrono24. I'm guessing it is usually a smooth transaction though because its been around awhile.That said, good luck and let us know how it turns out. 
Nice Pano and welcome! This thread is really a resource that you can use however you like but it shouldn't be intimidating... there's no test! As for specific questions -- Search for your answer in past posts, if you can't reasonably find it or need further info then ask away! That balances the need to obtain info without having the same question asked 3 dozen times
While a FAQ could be helpful I don't know why people can't do the classy thing and just read all 1600+ pages before saying anything....
I've got a question for the FAQ - why can't I post pictures from work? I think it has something to do with flash but not quite sure... Very helpful, I know!
^Ashford has a 7750 based Davidoff Chorno for over 80% off.  With numbers like that, if you like it go for it.  A solid movement at that price point.
  Hope everybody is having a good weekend!
^Nice thrift. Any idea on which calibre that Omega is? 600 series maybe or maybe even one of the coveted later 500 series
Very nice!
Haven't seen anything on it. They could probably squeeze the added complication in the same case but we'll see.
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