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 I thought about it but I quite like the stainless bezel and figure I can get a new ceramic down the line if I ever feel the urge.
Thanks for the kudos guys! So kinda an interesting story. I got on the list the morning they announced it.... even though I had finally pulled the trigger on a SS Daytona in late January (great timing eh?) I only bought a couple of watches from the place so I didn't think it would come in this year but here we are! I've been keeping the collection pretty tight (one in one out sort of thing) so I just couldn't keep two watches so close right now. I ended up letting a...
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Turn and face the strange  
@BostonHedonist I don't think many would argue that Parmigiani isn't a very respected watchmaker. However, as I'm sure you know, his pieces don't hold value very well. That's even compared to the normal large drop-off found in high-end watches - but the silver lining of course, they can be had for a steep discount on the pre-owned market so if you like one, hold out for that. Beautiful movements with actual hand finishing that you don't often see at this price...
 If it's the couple I'm thinking of, they're great. He's also got a Simplicity... some collection!
 PanoReserve is also thinner and a bit more wearable. Moonphase is pretty though.... Very helpful I know...
  I did.  They did a nice job with the new store.  Some knowledgeable salespeople there as well. An excellent local resource.
 I generally like the looks of the new collection (sans the 4:30 date) but they all wear too clunky for my liking.
FWIW, my SS Reverso 976 came with a deployant.  I prefer the safety of the deployant but often find tangs more comfortable so its a toss up for me.
 Daytona (I know the logistical issues but see if there's an older model in pre-owned or something perhaps) They're all just so damn good
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