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 Some companies are doing a better job and some companies are doing a worse job.  I think it is good to shine a light on it from time to time in hopes of the companies keeping cognizant of it.  Or at least keeping potential buyers informed.   
Give it a go then!  VC boutique on the upper east side has a few vintage pieces as well.
 http://www.aaronfaber.com/WATCHES_home.asp They've got a lot of very cool stuff - can't vouch for the prices, they're in expensive real estate though.
Are those signs even swiss made? 
^Yeah or something like what Omega does for the Planet Ocean  
  Take a look at the FPJ chronometre souverain if you want something dressier ;)
 It's $1500+/- and you get new straps included ($400 retail).  Turn around time is supposed to very good.
  Yes.  I do think it is worth every bit of the hype (though it is talked about a lot for a watch with a monthly production of 6!) The CB is one of those watches that you have to see and touch to really get it though.  I thought it was 'another nice looking blue' watch until I saw it.... it is really something.  It is so so blue that I could see some people not loving it, it doesn't mean you're taking crazy pills. 
 I've heard several disconcerting stories about traveling with rolexes.  I don't travel with mine that much, but when I do I don't worry so much, it doesn't have a cyclopes with makes it much less noticeable.  
Nice JLC.  That's just a real, simple, quality watch.  Nice choice.
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