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 Same kt should be same gold content be it yellow, white or rose, so they're close in my experience.
I hear that!     Also location plays a role in it.  Just had my hopes up before I looked lol oh well.  Like you said, its a good idea to do something
In re insurance: I got a quote from jewelers mutual (they came recommended) but it was 1.6% of value.  Would be fine with the 1.1 or 1.2 everybody told me it would be before I actually got the quote, but 1.6... ehhhh
 The prices are bonkers but I will admit I like a lot of the watches they have in stock.  Even own a couple lol.
Nice video!  I like the way they almost slip the minute repeater into that one without any hoopla. 
I think a lot of it depends on how you fit OTR.  If your tailor only needs to tweak it for a great fit then go OTR.  If you're sort of an in-between or hard to tailor size then its worth a shot.   I'm a 45R, so I have to buy the wrong size OTR - ends up not working out as well as MTM for me, but that might be different in your case.
 Why thank you! 40mm Complete Calendar Moonphase ref: 6654-1127-55B
Ok ok no more pen pics by me.. for now   buuuuut how about the watch of a day?     Old pic... obviously 
I knew I had an old pen shot around here somewhere!  The MB collection.    
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