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Vintage Omega Seamaster about $500
  Holiday weekend has me thinking beach.... On the rubber strap for the summer
I appreciate the difficulties of the complications but just too busy of a dial for me.  Blashephy I know...
Going to that q&a event tonight with Kari Voutilainen - any good questions to proxy from the twat'erati ?       
 There most certainly are 
In re straps for the red woman's watch:   Could look into a taupe as well.   e.g.  
Good watch spotting at Mother's Day brunch yesterday.  Saw a coke bezel gmt and a tudor chorno at near but separate tables.
@BostonHedonist   Nice!   Crazy how small the boutique is isn't it?   Sidenote: that's my favorite tourneau of the 3 in NY next store.  Several of the salespeople in there are actually 'watch guys' 
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