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I was wondering if you guys knew any stores/designers that sold shirts with a colored placket area. Not sure if that's even the correct term to use here. I think I've seen some at H&M, but trying to find where these may be from, I love the fit.      
haha honestly recondite's photos are some of the only decent ones i've seen here....all the other ones make me instantly vom, and I thank god I don't live somewhere where a girl would wear a trashbag as clothing
This is how girls should dress        
Hey guys, just got a pair of W1k brown for Christmas, super excited for them. I've been working on reading all 174 pages, but it's not easy task....I do not think I am going to Sno-Seal them, but is there anything else I should do to them before I wear them out for the first time?   Thanks!
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