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I really enjoy watching them, you can see more passes in a moto Gp race than in a year of F1 races...
I think that the majority of the riders that fell were using an asymmetric front tire
I didn't catch the beginning of the interview and I was wondering the same thing!
Congratulations to Lewis, but another incredibly boring gp, a real waste of time
I have just seen the video of Bianchi's accident and is very bad. I don't understand why the FOM doesn't want the public to see it
Oh man, one bad news was not enough!Rest in peace Andrea
I had a shirt made with Thomas Mason shirt, but my experience as the opposite, it shrank so much that is unwearable
Sorry Iasbar, I don't know what I did, but it seems that I edited your comment... I haven't seen the race, can you guys comment on whether it should have been cancelled altogether?
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