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 Yes - we use a fiberglass shank.
 It's not a collab. It's simply a Uniqlo collection named "Pure Blue Japan"
 It's from a different mill, and we got this fabric for less money than the last fabric.
 Hey! I've carried on this bag quite a few times, and not had any issues.  Because it's waxed canvas, it can easily compress to 22".
 We're aiming to release them on Tuesday - they're about 25 inches long
 We're back. Had to roll out some new features that required a database migration.
 It'll be up around 6am PST
 We'll be shipping out a couple hundred shirts tomorrow - chambrays and blue oxfords mostly 
 We're working on it, but not yet.
We're putting a campaign of grey silk out in 2 minutes, if that interests any of you!
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