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    Wow they really did an unbelievably nice job, those soles look great.    Seeing these definitely makes me want to go with Dainite on my next pair.
Well, they are Vass...  what isn't special about those shoes?   But seriously, my guess would also be the last?     Anyway, they're awesome.   Wonderful gift, your father will be delighted!  
  Thanks everyone.     TehBunny:     For the sizing ordered the standard width which is what I generally take.  These are size 42.5 and fit perfectly.    I'd say these are roomy enough across the toes to be ideal for casual wear, yet not too roomy;   they still have a nice refined-looking shape to them, narrower than, say, a D width in the Alden Barrie last, for example.     I think the Vass 'F' last is even narrower than the P2, so I would probably go with that for a...
Well now that I have seen these up close, I'd probably ask for this particular color if I could go back and do it again.    But that probably just speaks to how nice Vass shoes are.   They make the color look good!
  Thanks a lot.     I ordered these back in February and, thinking that cordovan/shell supply isn't always guaranteed, am pretty sure I asked for any medium-brown shell, such as cognac or similar.   This sort of looks like 'saddle' to me, but it definitely looks good either way and I'm pretty psyched how they came out.
Thought I'd post these new shoes, and say thanks to Tom Brone.    These are on the P2 last and are supremely comfortable.    Thanks again Tom.      
Yes... or at least this has been my experience.    My 42.5's came with trees marked 42.    The trees have little spring in them and form a perfect fit once inserted into the shoe.
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