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  Thanks Patrick. This is for an Indochino suit, so a tailor will not really be involved. Based on my 38" chest measurement, they gave me a jacket that is 41.5" around the chest, which is a little too tight. I was asking more from a knowledge perspective.
Hi all    I have a question in relation to MTM suits. If I have a 38" chest, roughly how many inches should I add to get a well fitting suit jacket chest measurement?   Thanks!
  Thank you for that great explanation jeffryd! Fortunately I am still in the stage where I can request a remake from Indochino. Will I be able to solve my shoulder divot simply by increasing my chest measurement? If so, by how much? Again, thank you for the lesson.
Hi all-- I am new to styleforum and I am new to MTM suits. I got my first Indochino suit a week ago, and I am generally please with the fit (as compared to the OTR suits that I'm used to anyway). However, I wanted to run the pictures by y'all to get some feedback--specifically on the jacket. My biggest concern is the bump/divot on the right shoulder. Not sure if it is because the shoulders are too wide or if the fit is bad elsewhere (e.g., chest). I am open to any...
Thank you guys for the comments (and backup, lol). Per your feedback, I have taken more pictures and posted in the Fit Feedback thread:   Any additional commentary would be much appreciated! 
  So polite. I originally accessed styleforum on a mobile device. Fit Feedback is not on the front page of the mobile version. Additionally, given that I am new to styleforum, I didn't have the inclination to search for "fit feedback". Unfortunately, my other search terms didn't lead me to the Fit Feedback thread. I did however see other threads about "My First Indochino suit..." Within those types of threads I didn't see anyone getting harrassed by the likes of you. So,...
  Do you feel good about yourself now that you have successfully put me in my place?   Sans the unnecessary snarky commentary, thank you for the feedback. I am new to style forum, and didn't realize there was a fit feedback section. I will also heed your suggestion about taking more pictures.   Not sure how the search engine has anything to do with this; and I have no trouble with technology.
Or any other feedback?
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