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Great post. really helpful and educational. thank you
In my opinion: loafers should be worn with loafer socks. they are not visible. when it is too cold for that it is too cold for loafers. Save them for summer/spring and switch up to oxfords or boots. As far as the "hipster fool" etc. being pompous and rude is very unattractive and ignorant. there are all different takes on what is acceptable or appealing. that is part of personal style and fashion.this forum is designed to discuss and be exposed to choices that we...
why 2 seasons old? I am not selling any, just curious as my older Band stuff seems superior to the newer stuff. What do you like better about the newer Band?
I am looking for a few items, the Rick Owens jacket mentioned, a tweed blazer, pref. burberry prorsum, band of outsiders, ralph lauren purple label or cucinelli in size IT48 US38 / 2. Also a navy school boy blazer with the same specs. please PM me if you have any of those items for sale. ALSO...looking for some italian leather red boots...open to make based on extremely high quality. thank you.
Socks with loafers?
yeah, once you escape from the bulky wallet you never look back. for me the money clip and cardholder are the move. I can keep the small card holder for any larger purchases and keep spending cash conveniently in the money clip. a decent money clip commands respect and envy in checkout lanes/starbucks etc. small luxury worth having. chicks dig the money clip/cash. 
pants are too long
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