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I applied 2 coats of oil, waited a day in between coats although i noticed that it dried after about an hour. The next day i used crane's method with the lp.
Anybody experience problems with the leather sole stitching without a topy? What happens if the stitching frays or breaks? Does it affect the stitching on the top welt? I have some stitching on the bottom sole that wasnt stitched properly in the groove so it is stitched over the leather and exposed. It will probably cause quite a bit of fraying when walking on concrete. Any inputs?
looks like they just released a black version of the bond peacoat. which would you guys prefer?
How do you get the 20% off?
would you guys consider this as a defect? the inner part of the left boot, it was stitched too close to the edge and i am worried it will tear after multiple wears and when it stretches.       compared to the other boot where theres plenty of material:
hi, i am interested in the sterlingwear peacoats. read through about 100 pages and still have a few questions.   how is the sizing of the mil spec compared to the authentic and navigator? seems like other members are saying that they vary in sizing and the mil spec fits slimmer?   anybody with similar build as me?   5'6" 140lbs bare chest size 34" to 34.5"   not planning to wear thick sweater underneath, just a t-shirt or a thin long sleeve. should i...
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