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“Films don't have to be always about drama... This is a story that could be summarized in just a few words. Ozu makes an entire movie out of the most common things of the most common people of the world. Yet, the film conceals so much humanity and profound emotion. He depicts a reality that doesn’t even exist anymore in today’s modern life...” - Yohji Yamamoto   So I saw the S/S15 invite on YYO Facebook this morning. Obviously as a Ozu fan it's tremendously exciting...
I will debut my dog here. 10 month old Labrador/Springer/Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. He was all black, small and angular so I did the only appropriate thing and named him Yohji. A YYPH jacket makes a cameo, but never mind the throw.    https://vine.co/v/Mj6qLv65Xba
Those shots look incredible.
Prices aside - that collection's looking better and better. My first impression when I saw the Femme show clips and shots was that it was Yohji performing at his very highest level. I don't think I was wrong.
Yeah I did. It was only £5 including postage, so more than worth a punt.    I check Etsy from time to time, because some interesting Yohji pieces do surface and they seem to get less attention than on the more obvious sites to check. Tends to skew quite heavily towards the 80s though, at least the times i've checked, which can limit choice for the shoulderpad-phobes among us. 
I came across a really interesting YY tie on, of all places, Etsy this morning. I think it's a really beautiful piece, looks almost like some sort of abstract, deconstructed tartan.       As the label shows, it was made for the Central Japan Railway Company. I'm assuming from this that he designed a full uniform the company?   I'd never heard of this until today but would be interested if anyone knows the details. Yohji's involvement in corporate collaborations,...
Oh right - I had no idea they were fully removable. Such a shame.
I can't really fathom how the decision would have been taken to cut the straps. 
Where did your hair go?     Also nice coat. 
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