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Prices aren't rockbottom but nippon couture over on ebay have some greaaaat stuff up atm
I don't have a coat, someday I would like a coat. A this season coat. In the window. Will never happen. 
Suspect I won't be able to afford, even on sale, but I love those cropped black garb trousers.
Although you rarely get absolutely bottom-price bargains,(but you're often buying from a fan who is letting something go that just hasnt worked in their wardrobe) though you do sometimes, when I was starting putting together my first pieces I actually found the classifieds here and on stylezeitgeist were great. Particularly on SZ there's a fair bit of NWT, or may as well be. It's great if you're finding your feet because my experience is the people making the sale are...
Yeah this stuff is absolutely perfect for me, I love the way the wider cuts look in principle but not on me. This stuff I can and love to wear. IMO there's been more slimmer trousers for longer than you (well, me) might initially think but it seems the way the fit's being represented on the runway's changed dramatically recently, so those items are more prominent in the collection. Weirdly I think the slimmest pair of trousers I own are an old pair of Ys for Men from no...
There's a thing with the fabric codes etc right at the start of the thread that could well help you narrow down the search by season.
My experience sweaters seem to be the collection items that are mostly not too hard to find at like 80% off new come the tail end of the sales. The snake sweater's probably got a 50-50 shot of ending up on the barneys warehouse store. which often has yohji at 75% off then special deals where you get a further 30-60% off the discounted price.   Probably not news to anyone here but I've picked up a couple nice things from the BW site at OK prices - stock starts to dwindle...
Yohji on ebay is basically size roulette - even the measurements prove unhelpful when the construction means it fits in a way you wouldn't expect or just wouldn't get with other labels. I have threes cut significantly slimmer than ones, and there's one particular size S Y's for Men khaki jacket that's cut just about to size in the shoulder and fucking massive in every other respect.   I once recieved some S-marked trousers and was surprised to find I could barely fasten...
There's a really cool none-too-formal coat in the conduit street store window right now. Could be the type of thing you're looking for.   I've never come across a Yohji coat I've been able to pull off. My shoulders are too small I think, and while that can work fine with a lot of 2 or 3 jackets, the thicker fabrics in the coats tend to make it look like I'm a toddler raiding my dad's wardrobe. I've never seen a 1, which is probably what I'd need. 
Give you a tenner for it.
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