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You can probably pick it up for a fiver on Y!Japan. 
@KongGeorgeVII oh wow I've never seen that before. Perfect. 
  Sure this'll have been posted before but anyway lovely. 
This jacket on Y! is pretty labial.                  Slow day on the thread tbf.
I love Y's and Y's for Men (so many really beautiful photographs) - the latter is sorely, sorely missed and I wish they'd bring it back.   It had a really clear identify and - can't think how to word it but just a thing about it - that the more recent semi-line-things within the mainline, Regulation and Gothic, for instance, don't really have. Not that I'm knocking the clothes. 
 Hello, it doesn't always say For Men, there's a post someone on one of the hundreds of pages that details the different label types, wish I could find to link. For reference, I have a YFM jacket that has a brown label, with a Y's on its own.
Plenty of Yohji is slim. TBH if you expect any sort of consistency on that front you'll find yourself frustrated fast - I have 3s slimmer than 1s, and some size 2 trousers I could genuinely fit in twice over.    As another note, I've been in Conduit Street and suggested items from the YYF collection that the SA's thought could work - it's part and parcel of how the label designs, thinks and operates. So if you like the coat there's nothing to worry about. Looks ace.
This is essentially perfect.    Other news, are we due a new show soon?
Prices aren't rockbottom but nippon couture over on ebay have some greaaaat stuff up atm
I don't have a coat, someday I would like a coat. A this season coat. In the window. Will never happen. 
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