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There's a really cool none-too-formal coat in the conduit street store window right now. Could be the type of thing you're looking for.   I've never come across a Yohji coat I've been able to pull off. My shoulders are too small I think, and while that can work fine with a lot of 2 or 3 jackets, the thicker fabrics in the coats tend to make it look like I'm a toddler raiding my dad's wardrobe. I've never seen a 1, which is probably what I'd need. 
Give you a tenner for it.
Just saw these on the facebook page, and they're...
You both look very cool. The jacket in particular is a wonderful piece which wouldn't work in every wardrobe but does here. 
Well there's some lovely photos up. 
It looks great I think, especially when worn as regular trousers with the top half of the overall hanging down. I've never handled any Syte clothes myself so can't speak for the quality, though the pictures and general aesthetic of the label do make the clothes look very solid and relatively hard-wearing.   Not sure how hard it is to get them shipped out of Japan, potentially needs proxies right? Which is a shame because the pricepoints across the site are otherwise...
Did someone here buy the bright orange vest Barneys' warehouse was selling for about £35? Not the type of thing I'm able to pull off myself sadly.    I took an punt on the snakeskin print knit, I've had my eye on it for a while and 40% off of 70% off isn't bad. Unbearably warm day today so it might be a while before I have a chance to wear it. Out of interest does anyone know whether last autumn's animal print knits were made in Japan or China?
The sizing is amazingly variable. I'm about 170cm and thin so a natural 2 with quite a few 3s and in a lot of cases the comparative size of the garments are so seemingly random that they may as well not be there.    I usually wear 28/29" waist trousers, which is pretty slim, and have had to send back some size 2/S trousers because I couldn't even get them round my waist, while another pair of 2s I have I could very nearly fit in twice. Measurements are useful.    I'd...
As unaffordable as a $40,000 jacket is, kudos for producing what he wants with whomever he wants.   When you read about the fortunes of the company and Yohji losing financial control you'd really think it'd lead to situation where things were reigned in a bit with an eye on the bottom line, but certainly in menswear that's not been the case - the last few years in my view if anything have seen some of the most ambitious YYPH collections yet. 
Funnily enough I just checked the labels and the knit that's unthreading is indeed Chinese, while the seemingly indestructible knit (not sure of the season but quite old I think) was made in Japan. I wouldn't have thought to check actually so thanks for the tip. I probably would be less inclined to buy a Chinese knit in the future, so I'll check the label of the Skull knit next time I pass the store.   I should probably stress that the knit is literally the only single...
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