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David my jacket arrived and you were right at the construction, it's genuinely one of the purest realisations of Yohji's aesthetic I've ever seen - so funny as well that the only place for the label was the reserve of the left pocket. Such a special piece.  Genuinely avant garde.    Have the trousers they came bundled with too. I can't in a million years pull them off but also a really bizarre/impressive construction, with a split running down the leg, with the fabric...
There's some unusually feminine looks as well, like 21 and 22. 
i like margaret howell
Happens to us all! Probably paid slightly more than I should for it, but I got maybe the first thing I'd really consider a grail item over on Y! Japan (w/ trousers in black, I was really buying for the jacket but if anyone here copped either i'd love to hear your impressions). If I remember rightly this jacket was on display on the Conduit Street store for a bit, and I remember thinking it could have made a great stage costume had Bowie toured the album he put out around...
EDIT: nevermind, think I clicked on page 2 rather than last post.
Anyone know when the sale is? I'm leaving England because Tories, would love to waste my rent money on something better before I go.
this is me, chipping in with a fullbody fitpic, possibly my first after about two years of posting. it's all ys for men aside from the yyph shirt, trousers are size 2 wool garb and almost hilariously slim - he's used an eslastic panel up the inside leg which stops the wool being too stiff or bunched, which is a clever approach imo.
Stoked for that Hello Kitty team-up. 
Barney's Warehouse occasionally has really good post-end of season deals.  
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