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EDIT: nevermind, think I clicked on page 2 rather than last post.
Anyone know when the sale is? I'm leaving England because Tories, would love to waste my rent money on something better before I go.
this is me, chipping in with a fullbody fitpic, possibly my first after about two years of posting. it's all ys for men aside from the yyph shirt, trousers are size 2 wool garb and almost hilariously slim - he's used an eslastic panel up the inside leg which stops the wool being too stiff or bunched, which is a clever approach imo.
Stoked for that Hello Kitty team-up. 
Barney's Warehouse occasionally has really good post-end of season deals.  
The staging is beautiful. (i'd love to see the full footage, if we can expect that soon)
hang on, this is like the best thing ive ever seen
He did wear Yohji briefly in the mid-80s, with a pinstipe suit making the cover for a bunch of singles, but sadly it coincides with his total creative nadir. 
If Bowie tours again he should wear this on stage. 
New Posts  All Forums: