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Oh right - I had no idea they were fully removable. Such a shame.
I can't really fathom how the decision would have been taken to cut the straps. 
Where did your hair go?     Also nice coat. 
I saw the sad news about Akiro Kirata on Facebook.   If it wasn't for Yohji I wouldn't have ever had the opportunity to see his work - and I'm very very grateful that I was ultimately able to. 
Really lovely!
BEST. SHOW. EVER.     Cannot wait to see the videos in motion but looks unbelievable. It's such a blow-out I momentarily wondered if it could be his coup-de-grace to his fashion career. I'm sure it isn't but if so what a way to go this would be. Amazing.   also, love the boots.
If I was female I'd be over her ebay offerings so fast...
I thought last year's Y's/New Era collaboration caps looked cool! I don't really wear hats and certainly could never pull off a fedora but I liked them all the same. They YY facebook page posted this recently: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.427166084084541.1073741834.419903961477420&type=1 gives new detail on Sasada's contributions to A/W15. 
I don't think there is much of a difference in terms of basic quality, at least not in the newer Cod'H pieces - it's certainly not noticeably cheaper. On a very general level Cod'H is maybe a little simpler and business-like in terms of design in my experience - Conduit St's selections often have Yohji's take on a pinstripe suit and the like, things you might just get away with in a corporate environment if you're careful with sizing. When you do get louder design elements...
I like it. Anyone grab anything from those nippon-couture YYPH/CDG ebay bids that ended yesterday?
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