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I picked up a medium duffle (70222) in tan from Notre Shop for $227.50 with the 30% off promo (plus free shipping).
What is a good price in the current market for a 70222 medium duffel? Thanks!
U have 2 call or email them and mention winter.
Hilton's Tent City has 25% off through Feb 6. Details: ONE WEEK ONLY, receive an exclusive 25%* sale on anything in the store! Valid on multiple items, ends soon. In-stock items only, some exclusions apply. First come, first served. Mention the email "Winter" sale for discount In-store, Phone, or Email.
Good looking bag Chad
I'm 5' 8" and use the shortest hole. I wish the strap was a couple of inches shorter. I may have to punch a new hole or two in the strap.
So far I have stuck with one color for my 256 & small duffle
Oops - sorry for double post
After a couple of weeks with my 256 briefcase my only complaint is that the shoulder strap is too long. Wish there was an easier way to shorten it without punching more holes.
A few photos of my new 256 on it's "maiden voyage" into the wild from my recent business trip to Zurich. Very pleased with my purchase. Plenty big enough for me (glad I read this entire thread and went 256 over 257) and glad I had them add the hand grip.
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