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 I'm always amazed at the knowledge on this thread.  Thank you for sharing the information, I appreciate it very much!   Love your responses, Barrel.    I knew it was a nice jacket, but didn't realize Castangia would elicit that type of response.  I guess I'll spend a little more time today looking for those pants. Funny.  I posted three items and what I thought was the best find (the Scotch House SC) seems to be the most ordinary.  Shows what I know. And BTW.  After...
Excuse the crappy pictures...I need to thrift a new camera. Found this beautiful SC.  Never heard of the brand (The Scotch House).  But this  thing is heavy, nice pattern, fully canvassed with patch pockets.  [[SPOILER]]  Found an orphan suit coat.  Spent a few minutes looking for the trousers, but no luck. It's solid navy so can use as a sports coat.  Finally, picked up this leather lined down vest.  Leather is really soft.  But don't know if it's authentic.  Spoo? ...
Here's stuff from yesterday. I wish I had pics like the Capn: Aquascutum [[SPOILER]]  Cable Car Clothiers SC [[SPOILER]]  Brooks Brothers [[SPOILER]]  Pendleton SC with patch elbows [[SPOILER]]  A halfway decent brand: [[SPOILER]]  Recent Zegna  [[SPOILER]] BB #2 [[SPOILER]]  Zegna #2 [[SPOILER]] My favorite: [[SPOILER]]  Belvest (second one this week) [[SPOILER]]  PRL [[SPOILER]]  AE Oakmont, AE Cody (practically new), Trafalgar braces
OK.  After two weeks of no thrifting, I was able to go out Friday.  Here are some noteworthy ones (I think): Don't know much about denim.  I know selvage is good (only the Edwin is selvage though).  But the other two I've seen posted here before. WESC (size 31, available); Joe's; Edwin Pink, beautiful ETRO (I actually like it); Kashani (not sure of this, there were about six of these with a bunch of Lorenzinis - probably all from the same donor. I grabbed this...
I just want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Brianpore for helping me sell stuff and helping fund this thrift habit.  Big thanks for the most recent transaction!
Some decent stuff from yesterday: Zegna (I rarely wear suits, but I seem to have a hard time parting with suits that fit me) [[SPOILER]] Old J Press tweed (I don't seem to find J Press much around here) [[SPOILER]]  Zegna, Zegna, Varvatos, Ted Baker tie(The Zegnas plus tax didn't make it to $10.  I had no cash and they don't take debit cards under $10, so was forced to look around some more and found the other two items.) As an aside, pardon the ignorance, but what does...
 That's the plan!  The Aldens are going into the care package I need to send to you.  I've learned a lot from this thread, but still making a lot of rookie mistakes.
 They are 8-1/2s...my size 
 Another lesson learned from the Capn.  I came across one of these yesterday, but didn't think anything of it. Now let's see if I can remember which store it was from
 I know I'm new around here, but I know better than to try to keep up with the Capn  
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