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 Thanks Spoo!  Appreciate it.  
Some recent highlights:   (available) APC and RaleighDenim size 31; Civilianaire XL      Oxxford SC (Size 42T) - available       Di Bello Collezione Cashmere lined soft leather - (N/A)     Michael Bastian.  This is badass.  Ticket pocket, functioning cuffs and patch elbows. (N/A)       A nice 100% cashmere sport coat. (N/A)   Shoes.  Churchs, Zegna Sport, Hermes, Prada.  Skeptical about the Hermes. Can I get an authenticity...
It's been dry.  From the last week, only stuff worth posting:   POP! My first Huntsman   Chester Barrie suit   Seem to be finding a lot of Brioni these days.     Happy Easter to all!
Yesterday and this morning.  Going back out, gonna try my luck in the other direction.  In the meantime:         Total Fuck me,  Saw the label.  In the basket it goes....   But get home and....Really need to spend time looking things over in the store.   What do you guys make of this.  Would Smalto be faked?       And Suits:              
Damn! Would love to get something like that here in Cali.
Yesterday was a good day....(sorry N/A)   Golden Fleece     Isaia     Yesterday was a good day.  But could've been better.  Found these these two orphans.     Was able to reunite one.  Luckily it was the striped one.   But can't complain.  First Kitty in a while:    
Some weekend stuff; McGeorge Scotland cable; Pringle cardigan; LL Bean fair isle; Norwool fair isle Patagonia raincoat (these dont seem to do as well on the bay as the fleece stuff) Vineyard Vines fleece Pop for me.  Belstaff x DryzaBone Found a couple more Brioni from the same place as last week's finds. Another Brioni.  This one is pretty interesting.  It has a patch (my google-fu hasn't found it yet),  And buttons I haven;t seen before. [[SPOILER]]
If a 44 can work for you, I have one.
Anybody want to try to restore some beat to hell shells?  Nettleton 10 D. Yours for postage. .   [[SPOILER]]  Anyone know Tokidoki LeSportsac? Someone posted one of these before. Is this fake? Thanks!   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
A couple of stops.  Only a few things worthy of the thread.    3 RT Seven Fold.  Weird they don't have the numbers though (like 2/40).     Etro (size 41) and RG (M)   Polo RL Hacking Tweed Jacket  
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