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It's probably another example of a clothing brand re-writing their history (or in the case of Fred Perry, skinhead history, via Don Letts and Robert Elms) to fit in with their current brand and international image.   Several firms are at it: Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Baracuta -- although probably not Dr Martens or Brutus. It's a relatively recent phenomenon: they were all content to be associated with skins only a few years ago (cf: Paolo Hewitt's official corporate...
Skinhead '68? Absolutely no problem. IMO it easily started in late '67. By '69 the newspapers, television, politicians etc had recognised the phenomenon, but they were latecomers to the party.
For all its faults, the closest that we came to a contemporary record that wasn't merely sensationalist newspaper reporting or complete sociological claptrap was The Paint House.   I haven't read the Stanley Cohen book 'Moral panics and folk devils' (which was based on his PhD thesis around 1970), but it is generally considered to be a classic of its ilk. It was originally about Mods and Rockers, but the book has been revised several times to include skins and others. I...
M-O-M. The 'CHAV' book is not really about Chavs. It's about, as its subtitle suggests, 'the demonisation of the working classes'. A good book. Saw the author on telly after those London riots a year or so back. Only a young lad, but he was excellent in a rather confrontational interview.
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