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Re: White socks. A squaddie thing in the late '70s early 80s. Often loop stitch, worn with desert boots and Army lightweights or later, shortish jeans and blue/yellow Reebok trainers (the first ones to have the shape of modern trainers, which looked very strange at first back then). Also for a while Dunlop Green flash (I think they were called) had some cachet. Once estate agents started to wear white socks, it was all over.   It was regarded as slightly rebellious...
Just had a look at one other 'forum', 'section' or whatever-you-call-it in the 'Streetwear and Denim' subdivision (or whatever-you-call-it) here. My God, what a load of odd 'king people who appear to have lost contact with reality.   .
Technical question. Because I'm new to the forum, my posts are vetted before publication. It takes about 24 hours for this to happen usually -- although some [like this one] are published immediately. How long or how many posts are required before the 'moderation' stops?
How could you they miss out Combat?:   Presumably Baracuta (average price, except in their numerous 'sales', circa £165) aren't included because they aren't in business right now, or they failed to pay the Mail for the publicity. (As, presumably, did Fred Perry, Merc, JtG, Grenfell and numerous others.)
I agree. Mid-1990s hotel decor. All that pine and floral stuff. B&Q moulded doors, laminate flooring. Arrgh!
Presumably I'd be chuffed if I had the faintest idea what you meant. On the other hand, maybe not.
No. That US Solovair site has been around for ages. They also have a smart new UK site, done by the people at ACB. (You still can't buy direct from them in the UK.) What I'd like to know is what's happening to Baracuta. The brand has been bought up by another firm, and they're not trading at the moment, AFAIK.
What would also be interesting to add, if you can get Levi Strauss Co. on board is the history of Sta Prest. Levi's has an archive web site, here:
Viv from the Slits is 57 now (I looked her biography up). She would have been a teenager in the first skinhead era, and would no doubt have come into contact with skins at her inner London comprehensive at the time (it must have been one of the first). But what insight does she give us in the film? She says that skin girls wore opaque white tights and attacked her with their shoes! I suspect she was only interviewed because she was one of Don Letts's music industry...
I could write pages on this, so here's the short version.   The series of Fred Perry subculture 'shorts' was, it seems, based largely upon the BBC series 'British style genius'. The films were, however, a poor imitation of the BBC programmes for several reasons. For example, whereas the BBC interviewed several original skinheads such as Jim Cox, and tried to show original clothing and styles both directly and through reconstructions, the Fred Perry films merely made use...
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