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Sorry to read that. He was a decent man and clearly loved being a Mod (at least while carrying out his PhD research).
Don't forget the Tiger tails they used to give away with petrol. (We used them as rubbish bins in the car; filled them up with sweet papers, etc.) On a practical note, we'd have frozen in the mid-'70s (during the strikes and power cuts) were it not for a paraffin stove in the lounge. Didn't half produce a lot of water though -- damp running down the single-glazed windows and an 'orrible pong too.
They asked me how I knew, it was Esso Blue I of course replied With other brands one buys Smoke gets in your eyes
I'd second that. Didn't know when he was open for business these days...   Plus, as has been suggested before, if you have the time and dosh, you might want to go down to Brighton for the day to Jump the Gun:   (Always thought Brighton was a dump, though...)
I don't think you can get any of those things at a reasonable price in London, but here are a few suggestions for starters, apart from the usual Carnaby Street shops (Merc, etc) and expensive places like John Simons or Brooks Bros:     Ben Nevis Clothing 237 Royal College Street London NW1 9LT   Cheap, but good-quality Harringtons (£34)   Mon - Fri : 9:30-18:00 Sat : 10:30-17:00 Sun : Closed       Stuarts 35-37 Uxbridge Road Shepherds...
There's an element of truth there, especially regarding Harringtons, but it's probably more that you notice people who are dressed like that.   Most people I see in the streets are just downright scruffy these days.
Expensive crap, you mean. They don't do a single shirt that's right now.
Yes. I hoped you meant that  'Green flash skinheads' indeed.   Recently saw a photo of kids taken in June 1980, wearing Sambas, Harringtons, FP V necks, BD shirts etc, but they look like proto-casuals.
  I'll leave that to your superior age and knowledge. I lived through the mid-60s but wasn't aware of all Mod fashions then, being little more than a toddler  But by the '70s all of us skins who could afford them round our neck of the woods had Sambas. Not a 'Green flash' or 'black flash'  in sight, though 
The great Fred Perry used to wear them too:   Not a skinhead thing, though. Black Adidas Sambas were the buniness. Still are, really 
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