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That's true. Four kids, council estate, Mum a student nurse in the '70s etc. Just been having the same conversation on the phone with a mate, warning him about the new Baracuta prices...   But these new prices, for what have now become international fashion brands (FP, Sherman, Baracuta, "Airwair International") are beyond the pale (as they'd say in Dublin). At least Griggs have decided not to sell off Dr Martens, though. 
Shit a brick! I thought the old Baracuta was a rip-off; under the new owners, it's an insult to anyone's intelligence. I somehow doubt that we'll see the old knock-down prices under the new owners, TKMaxx or otherwise    New shirts. Always a controversial subject, but here goes...   Jump the Gun   Tend to be small, so buy bigger than you normally would. Good collars,...
Combat Harringtons.    Very good quality, especially for the price. Durable zips and cloth; machine washable, Royal Stewart tartan lining that doesn't 'pill'; reasonable quality elasticated cuffs and waistband; the cut is good (arms that aren't too baggy).   On the minus side the back is sewn down, not vented, like a Baracuta. (But then, the backs of Fred Perry Harringtons are stitched down as well, and they now cost a bomb.)   The sizing is generous: refer...
Some others have alluded to it: maybe the description of the photo is wrong. After all, if you ran a photo agency in 1970, what caption would be more likely to sell the photo:   'Youths run through a street in Brighton' or 'Chelsea skinheads run amok in Brighton' ?   (or words to that effect).   I'm beginning to doubt that this lot had anything to do with Chelsea -- the only hint is the one lad wearing a scarf.
Yes, but it's a bit tricky if you don't have a shoe anvil to hold the shoe while doing it. I'd get a cobbler to tap them in for you.
Were there some of these in the box?
The main difference (apart from the price) is the colour. What Solovair call 'oxblood' really is oxblood -- darker than DMs 'oxblood'. Solovair 'Cherry red' is more or less the same colour as the DM MiE Vintage. The other differences can be seen: black collar round the top; black eyelets; black beneath the welt stitching, different soles, heel tag, etc.
That's when it was logged into the Rex Features photo collection. It often happens a while after the event, so the dates in photo libraries can't always be relied on. There are a couple of photos from Brighton that were logged on the 30th, and one on the 29th. When were Brighton playing Chelsea that year?
A couple of those photos have been used on Trojan sets:   - the first on 'Skinhead Revolt' compilation: - the second on the 'Haunted House. Skinhead Sevens' set:
Both of the Chelsea photos are from 1970. The one in Brighton was taken on 30 March 1970.
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