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RPI is a tricky one, because not only is shoe price inflation greater than that of many things at the moment (due to the worldwide price of leather, craftsman vs factory-made, fashion etc), but the RPI has been calculated in different ways over the years.   Perhaps more revealing is to compare prices for certain things with the average UK wage, which you can get from the Financial Times (if you want to go back to the '60s) and the Office of National Statistics (more...
That's very true. Even John Lewis were found out doing that with their 'Made in England' suits a few years back. (I think the buttons were sewn on here or something).
Saw a pair like that in my size, brand new, on eBay about 18 months ago. They went for a reasonable price too. I didn't bid for them, either, as I assumed they'd go for a lot more than I could afford. How stupid can you get? Anyway, can't afford anything now... spent it all on a garden shed ;)
Glad someone pointed that out. Thought they were very well-known. They wore all sorts of stuff -- always identical.
  Oh dear...
Funny. I saw a group of typical 14-15 year-olds on the bus the other week, all but one wearing mass-market rubbish throw-away, mixed-up style clothes. One lad, however, had a smart haircut and was wearing a Crombie-style coat and a well-polished pair of black DMs.   Very good to see.
Shit, but true, Roy. Old age and beer gets many of us in the end    Don't know whether this autobiographical cartoon strip has ever been mentioned here:
A lot of posts to catch up with. Before reading them all, I'll say that Roy is right.   What shocked me a couple of years ago, going to see a museum exhibition about Mods, was how commercial the whole thing eventually became -- lots of firms cashing in on the 'craze' in the early- to mid- '60s. Shoes, magazines, books, clothes, TV programmes, etc. A bit like Punk became, I guess. I don't think that ever happened with skinhead, not really. It was too 'dangerous' (as...
Back to the new Baractuta owners. Ignore the outrageous prices for the moment (almost double the price, just for a (long overdue) better-quality zip and new 'technical' lining (whatever that means).   There's a PDF file that you can download from the new site (here: ). Does anyone recognise one of the people on page 13? 
True (albeit copied from English polo players). But have you seen the price in the UK? 
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