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No. Buy your normal size and width, assuming you even know it.
You don't need to measure anything or be concerned with a number.Try on jackets and just see what fits and go by feel.You must be pretty big and over 6'3" because that length is an XTall for a sportcoat.
Painful? Wrong size. And it's the size not width.Your true size is the arch measurement.It's the same in every last by AE.NEVER go down in size, only width. Shoes don't stretch, they shrink slightly which is the only reason to use a tree.Moisture? Better to let them air out not use a tree.Red Cedar is only used because it smells nice and is a common wood in the US. Stretching is only for a bunion or something since you can't stretch the solid insole of the shoe.Going...
You have $500 and some money for shoes so you really are just looking for basic stuff.But what have you been wearing ?!
If you're going to wear a cheap watch then just get a basic Swiss Army.I haven't worn a watch since I was a kid and think it's rather common to wear one on your wrist unless you're in a profession that requires you to time things, but even then only at work,although even here you would usually have precision timers.Men should not wear jewellery not even a wedding band (females can)
If you could keep one pair? Two? Did you buy all of these or are thinking of buying since you seem to want one or two pairs of shoes.You're a HS teacher? OK   It always seems odd to me that people on SF say they need clothes for a job, interview or something. We usually begin school at 6, put on our blazer or jacket, shirt, trousers, shoes...
I don't know if it's the  lighting but why are the soles white?
These are the rough waxy leather and should not be polished. They sell leather lotion for these.
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