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You never wear a scent but then name the most expensive   lol
If they used them for slacks they're hang from the waistband, you can see it's a width for a female waist-24" Hanging from hem would only stretch and ruin shape from the weight.
These are female skirt hangers.Don't you remember your mother using them? The cheap ones have clips.I guess they could be used for their slacks too.   you'll get a discount on even these low prices   check the colours
Re:  NC
Not in the west. It's cooler than NY in Summer.
Miami is sub tropical too.
We do have heat in houses these days so you're wearing things too heavy even for Calgary.Midweight worsted suits are the norm and if it's very cold then silk or cotton tights underneath. You're going to need new clothes for Toyko in Summer.Tropical weight wool or wool blends are the coolest.They can also be woven lighter than cotton or linen(wrinkles too much anyway, wool doesn't) Dump the silly braces too and wear slip on shoes unless you want to look like a...
It's a FR (factory reject). I didn't even know that AE sold these FR's as "seconds" and assumed they destroyed them or dumped them at some charity for the indigent.
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