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That's only because you can't afford a collection of good new ones.Develop a relation with something important not dead skins you wear on your feet and walk on the dirts treet with.
They're too wide, try a b or c.You may even need a 10.5 or 11 a or b. Perhaps you were always wearing sneakers in the wrong size, they're more forgiving if missized.Since you're inexperienced go by the arch measurement and try on 10,10.5 and 11 in the narrower widths.Your real size is the heel to ball measurement. Some lasts which are just the shape are longer but this doesn't effect size or width.A long narrow last just as a little more space in the front which has no...
It fits ok but don't wear suppressed waists, it makes even thin guys arses look like a duck.btw, you're too old to be wearing these schoolboy cuts.
That's a gimmick to pretend he's a common man and thrifty and the naive fall for it.Probably cost more for the patch than a new pairWhy doesn't he patch his clothes too to get the full effect? Look at real aristocrats not this one numbskull.If he was shagging Diana rather than painting watercolours on the moor in his kilt and pining over horseface(who he later married-she's 65!)Diana would have behaved. And btw, no one's going to mistake for anything other than you are...
It's a waste of money to spend 1/3 a shoe's value to redo a 10 yo old shoe.For the average middle classer who likely has 5-6 good shoes they will last 5 years if cared for.People who buy more expensive items have much larger amounts of them and never wear them out. I still have shoes I bought at Churches 30 years ago lying around that show little signs of sole or heel wear.No, I don't wear them because they are now 1/2 size too small (feet keep growing) and I have no...
Put on some rubber gloves before touching
People do all sorts of things lol
They look like something the cat dragged in. Throw they back in the garbage where you found them and wrap them up tightly so some dog doesn't chew on them and get ill. It seems that you're all label-whores on this poor kid's "fashion" forum. These were made for some well off man(and fit only his foot) and then likely given to some tramp who later just threw them in the garbage. Why would you waste money on a ratty old piece of leather?
That just means they are different ages.This stuff needs to be used within a year or two or it begins to become rancid.That $20 bottle of Creed at the "bargain" outlet is past its prime from laying on the shelf and is worth 0
I just call the salesgirl at Saks and tell her to send me any samples I want.
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