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My impression is that a Dockers type is what the office is wearing.High armholes not only look stupid they are uncomfortable.And btw, in the US there are Many brands and cuts as well as exact sleeve lenghts in off the peg shirts. No "tailoring" required just find one that fits. In the old days you'd have to go to a tailor, get measured, and he'd make your clothes. The US pioneered the multiple size offthe peg clothes and shoes.You don't buy shirts in 1 (or perhaps 2)...
Quote: In Bakersfield you'll be using Summer weight clothes 8 months a year and perhaps 4 where you'll need a long sleeve shirt and light jacket or sweater so keep that in mind.And by casual do you mean things like Lacoste shirts or Mephisto slip ons etc. ? Judging from your pic, a regular or classic shirt will fit you well in your size.You're probably a 13-14 sho eand I'd reccomed slip ons. Stay away from clutsy looking wingtips.AE are decent shoes but make sure they fit...
Learn how to read little man.
Since it is a casual office there's no point in buying things you'll never wear. Patrick James is a decent west coast store on the higher end. Your body is not unusual, just bigger, so you can buy everything off the peg.Forget all of this tailoring nonsense you read on here.The people always talking about "tailoring" on here are undeveloped teens, ectomorphs,weird bodies etc that nothing fits and 90% who don't even know how clothes should fit or are into kid fads like...
Clothing and shoes, even high quality stuff, are relatively cheap in the general scheme of things so it's ridiculous to buy factory rejects on an item that only sells for $300. If you keep a shoe for 5 years worrying about a $100 difference is trivial.And if you wore it 2 days a week it would amount to a 20 cent difference per day. So why even bother with 2 nds?
If he did't see the Lobb name on it he would think it was some old worn out cheap junk.Labelwhore, that's all. You can buy 3 Peals (or whatever) or 4-5 AE and they'll FIT for $1200.
I never heard of steaming a suit, it's always pressed with those large cloth commercial pressers.Getting a wool jacket damp And hot in a shower will pucker the fabric.Just hang wool and wrinkles come out.
They are all too short
You're projecting again,son. And stop getting your impressions of "class" from Hollywood films.In real life we are quite different. In others words, you're not capable to judge anything and I can prove it with a few questions.
I know what you mean, I read SF for laughs and to occasionally give a kid some useful advice.But like all kids and noobs they think that they know better than the Professor and have to learn the hard way.
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