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Now we just need 48L
I have a feeling to fix the problem, which would've just been re-gluing the piece, it'd have been free. Instead they are doing toe taps which is more than fixing the problem so there's a little premium associated with it. However he's still saving a fair amount of money on the toe taps. Feels like a great deal to me
It's interesting how much different Grc's Beluga patina is compared to the one Roger posted last page of the Arrans which is also in a Beluga patina. Apparently deep Beluga and regular are different
Grc what patina is that?
Anyone have Arran fit pics? Trying to decide
Nice TTown! Love em
Roger I saw those too. May have to get a pair. Only question now is which last. Deco or TG73
You get a pair?
I meant during this special. Probably still applicable though.
Are patinas included or do they have a mark up
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