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Might have to get those croc adelaides. Decisions decisions
Dunno, stole the pic from shoesnobblog : http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/12/aubercys-new-models.html
Lets do that makeup as a button shoe, not a button boot.  Like the one on the right.  
Afpos has the best Saphir prices if you're ordering a couple to offset shipping charges.
St C?  That seems to be their signature model.  
Wonder how their quality is on croc
Yuppie takes this shit real serious.
Does anyone wear their Chelsea's w suits? Can't decide if I could pull it off w the weave ones.
What kinda job?
I've noticed the same comparing my moores to the St James. You definitely understand why the St James are more expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: