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Are they legit? That puts mtos at 1,000
Might need to copy those chukkas. Trying to stop buying so many GGs though lol. Need more StCs
Is there a promo code for afpos still?
I've heard the round deco is really nice. Would def be up for a pair. Not sure if you gain anything doing gmto for deco though?
Steve why don't you carry uk12 in anything lol
Especially on a loafer
Sounds good. I'd be in for a gable on deco too.
I'd probably participate in the antibes one.  Still need to verify price as any gator has a pretty solid upcharge.  
I'm game for something like that. Would you guys ever consider something a little diff like a dark blue suede or are we sold on dark brown? I'm open for most ideas
Color matched? You don't like some contrast?
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