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Lol I was simply saying you're a newcomer to this site. Your collection is growing way faster than mine.
Well your join date is 5/13/15 or something. So yeah, rookie. 👍
Mecariello makes some nice shoes for sure. I live in Orange County and have just never taken the plunge. Not sure how much nicer they are so was just asking. You're in the running for rookie of the year here based on your purchases lol
Mw how many bespoke pairs do you have? Haven't taken that plunge yet
Did I hit a nerve there sunshine? Was just pointing out that he's fairly blunt and has always been. But hey you attacking him makes you seem very secure.
Chogall is pretty blunt. If you don't like it, I'm confident that it's too bad. Pretty sure he isn't running for most popular poster on the site.
Nick works directly with GG now. He can sometimes get special stuff done.
I find my EBs to be nicer than my carminas.
 I have mine on leather.  I'm rotating something like 40 pairs of dress shoes/boots so I have never even come close to wearing through a sole.  If you add in my casual shoes which I would include the burnhams in as well, it'd be something like 100 shoes/sneakers.  I can't forsee ever wearing through them honestly.  I find Danite to be a little clunkier than leather as well.  
Valid point. Well done. Lol
New Posts  All Forums: