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Will they do the patina service on light shoes from other brands?
Haven't gotten an email yet but timing wise it should be any day.
The pearl St James should be here any day I believe. Can't wait to get them.
5cm wider? So 2 inches wider? Or did you mean mm?
Yeah sizing is very interesting. I actually wear a 12.5F on the GG tg73 last and had to do a 13.5 on the Pullman. Gorgeous though. Can't wait for my pairs to come in.
Need more deco.
Thought it was F??
Dream ruined. Back to the Arran gmto
Any more thoughts on the Arran G width MTO? Can't let it lose steam!
I think you could wear the suede split toes with anything including a suit. My work atmosphere isn't overly proper though. Depends on where you live imo.
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