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Jeesh prices up on everything. This will keep me away from buying anything hopefully. I'll post pics of those Kent's in black tomorrow since I'm out of town on business.
I have the Kent's in black calf/gator. Very nice. Pretty much the only black shoes I wear.
No loafer GMTO?
I wish those afpos loafers were chiseled toe instead of round. Damn
  Thanks for the advice.  I know Nick well.  He's helped me with 3 pairs this year.  My bank account is not a huge fan of him though.  
Nice Polo Suede!    Considering a pair of Antibes.  Or does GG make a nicer pair of loafers?  New job is going to have me traveling way too much not to purchase a pair of loafers.  Then again, G&Gs for travel shoes may not make the most sense.  Ah decisions.
To me SW&D is split between two types of people.  Half are the "goth ninja" types that embrace a more japanese streetwear concept.  The other half seem to be more typical of what you'd find in a bar on a friday night.  
Me too. Awe
You'd be surprise how close the two are. I have both and they are both fantastic shoes.
Nsuited has some belvests for 500 or so. EHaberdasher is close too.
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