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What's the doak Isham preorder?
Holy smokes... 25% is like $225. Gonna have to stock up.
Well if I ever make it to England I know where about $7,000 of my money is going.
My plan is to send mine to dandy shoe care to get a fancy patina.
Let's do a EB button shoe in shell.
I will need a pair in 13.
Those are fantastic Stevent.  I really don't think I've seen many bad pairs of G&Gs at this point.  Even their more classic shoes are appealing and I normally shy away from those.
Would participate in this as well.  So either BRG or Laguna Beach.  
What's the surcharge for mountain ram??
The break in period is a little longer on the 12F so I went with 12.5. Both actually fit me really well after time.
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