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The StC Mod 631 look interesting to me.  Might have to get a pair.  Never had deer skin shoes
Those that are buying StCs what are you buying?
Seems decent. Basic style though?
So how does StC compare to GG in terms of finish? I know they are hand welted.
Button boots came in too.  Sweet baby jesus
I think there's Alden's in that pic too.
I want to see a picture of leaves personal shoe collection. I have a feeling it's absurd.
I'd do the monks in llama.
The Thorpe and the Isham are too similar to have in the same leather imo.
That's why I asked the question. I know they are fully canvassed but the quality can still be iffy. Seems too good to be true for 2 for 900 but so far I can only find good reviews...
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