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So much for your resolution to spend less money on shoes.
There never is anything in big sizes.
Ishams and Thorpes are too close to have both right? Haha. Feeling left out. Leaves - any word on the gmto button boots?
Is there a catalog of all the models? His webpage doesn't seem to include them all.
What's tan look like?
Well that's easy peasy. They look really nice. So the regular mtm are on par or better than GG bench grade?
How do I order shoes to the U.S. from him? Or is that an option? Also, what's pricing of the higher level shoes?
lol not sure it was an auto correct...
I'm surprised nobody has ordered the button shoes that bonafe does. They look interesting.
I've got a pair of those bad boys waiting for me at home. Excited to have them
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