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So any general consensus on 9795 vs 8000 fit?  Similar or is the 8000 a bit snugger due to the chisel?
Ha absolutely on the wallet full of money. I ordered in a half size below my GG fit so I'm hoping they work out well. I forget what lasts I tried on at the store a few months back but the 12E was too snug so I went with 12EE.I'm hoping so too. I'm pretty confident I'll be good though. Probably will be ordering a pair or two in the 8000 soon so that will be another gamble. Can't seem to find anywhere near me that stocks them to try on.
My pair of Pewter WII come in today. I'm excited. Will be my first pair of Lobbs. Sure hope they fit correctly lol. Then again it could open a can of worms
Damn didn't realize you grabbed six pairs
Nice collection of blue. Shines look great too.
Those socks are money
I don't remember the colors that would be included butI'll be buying a suit or two in the next month so I'd def consider it.
Dang missed out on all colors. I'll grab a restock when it comes. Soft pink would be great. A lighter green or pale yellow could also work imo.
Rick any more light blue 17.5 in contemporary?
What are the objective qualities of a shoe? Leather quality and construction? Last shape seems subjective, fiddled waist seems subjective as some people may not like it, design seems subjective as well.
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