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What color was that other Burnham we did?
Anyone have real life pics of that color?
I could get on board w that
I'd do F width Arrans on the deco or tg73. Basically any color but dark oak. Just sayin...
Spoo is any of that stuff 48L US?
Is that all from Mr Big or someone diff? Need you to find a big consigner in my size
Hmmm what could that be
Cry me a river right?  lol.  I only get to be on that thing like 3 times a year.  The rest of the year I'm going Delta or Southwest like normal folks.  Clearly I need a more important job where I get exclusive access to the Jet.    Sidenote - Nice new Oakhams.  I have that exact makeup on the Deco last.  My favorite shoes.
Private jet flying is really the preferred way to go.  Only downside to my company's jet is there's no alcohol allowed on board.  Definitely a buzz kill a little bit.  
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