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  Definitely would be open to the conversation.  Charcoal could be really interesting IMO.  
Would anyone here be interested in a GMTO of a G&G Oakham in dark navy?  MH71 is what I'm thinking for a last...
Anyone else interested potentially in a dark blue oakham on MH71 as a GMTO?
We will def need pics when they get in. 
Jubei you interested?
I'd want MH71 regular width. Would prefer regular calf
Would anyone consider Oakhams in dark navy? Would love a gmto on that.
Considering doing the Suit Up personal tailoring.  Anyone have a comment as to whether it's worth it or not?  Seems very affordable to be able to do a fully canvassed MTM for under 1,000.  
For those that have been through the MTM program at suit supply - How is it?  I see the fully canvas starts at $750.  Any better deals out there?
   Thank you but no MTM options at that location.  Only in store tailoring.  
New Posts  All Forums: