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Selling a great pair of Howard Yount light gray VBC wool flannel trousers!  Practically new. Were only worn for the alterations and for fit afterwards. Never worn outside the house.   Please see the measurements below and the photos.     Note the pants were hemmed and the leg opening tapered.     Measurements: Please refer to Howard Yount sizing in the pictures Cuffed and tapered but material still there!  Waist: 33" Knee: 9.75" Rise:...
Starting to get into the menswear game, and I'm attempting to purchase my first pair of quality dress shoes. I'm looking at secondhand since I'm not in a position to buy full retail, and I wanted to get your opinion on how fixable or long lasting some creases on these AE Park Ave's are. Is this something I can eventually remove from the shoes with some quality shoe trees, shoe care, and TLC?               
Hello!   Lawrence here in Houston. I've been lurking for a few months when I caught the traditional menswear bug. I'm about to purchase my first pair of high-quality dress shoes north of $100 and embark on gathering a small but versatile wardrobe for the decades. 
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