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I don't plan on using these for workwear. 
I live on the Chicago lakefront and work on a lakefront oil refinery so seeing single digits or below 0 weather is fairly common. The rabbit fur dents were useless for me. Are peccary/cashmere the best I can buy? Are there best in class gloves for this kind of weather?
I bought a pair of leather rabbit fur lined dents and these are worthless below 20C, let alone -10C. Is there anything warmer out there? I saw Dents peccary/cashmere but am hesitant to drop $375 on them..
Looking at a quilted jacket for $995, and the 25% code doesn't work. Is there usually a fall sale for purple label? Thanks
Also, does purple label ever go on sale?
Nice, I saw that one but I was hoping for a lighter navy. It's very nicely cut and I can't seem to find a similar one anywhere for cheaper.
Starting to buy chinos for the first time. I've heard a lot of good things about JCrew urban slim.  Couple questions: Which chino do I buy? There's lightweight, broken in, bowery, essential, etc.  Should I bother with retail, or are the factory chinos just as good? Do they shrink in the dryer on heavy heat? Or are they preshrunk? What colors are essential? I'm thinking dark red, navy, white, and yellow.    Finally.. JCrew vs Brooks Brothers for chinos.. which is...
When I buy something I tend to keep it for a long time, not try it out to see if it's any good. Yes I've already bought them, but they have the tags on. I am referring to keeping these despite knowingly poor reviews pretty much everywhere - I would prefer a brand that is consistently highly reviewed so I'm not wasting my money.
I can't afford to drop $200 on trousers to try them out.. Would rather go with something safe.
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