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on ebay now! why'd you guys make me do that!!!?!?!?!?
I'll go lower. shoot me a price
take them, they are just gonna go to waste otherwise
i need a new pair
Aint nothing wrong with my crotch! Thanks for looking at it though.
Alright, thought Id post a few parting pics. They are for sale.    
Sometimes you just gotta cut your losses, I think my thighs are just getting too big. Bought new from BIG  and went through 2 washes. Help me get into another pair of denim with the sale of these. Paypal only $220 shipped
I'll probably post them later today after i get some good pics. If I have this problem now, should i avoid the brand entirely?? I know the slim thigh and knee is an issue with these, and I am a small guy!!! or so i thought, 5'11 and 150 or maybe my legs are just beeeeeefy! doubtful though. Ill probably go with blue owl x japan blue collab with the next if pbj seems to be a lost cause.
New Posts  All Forums: