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Does anyone who has the "ST" also have N&F skinny guy who could supply side by side photos? Im wanting a pair of ST shadows but do not want the pockets too low and off my butt. 
Japan Blue,.....different brand. Its a collab from Blue Owl.
Im looking at the Japan Blue Deep Blue Monsters but since they are unsanfordized I risk running into fit problems there, also looking at the 3sixteen "shadow" or possible the N&f elephant 4 just because the "skinny guy" fit is what I know that works,.....BUT they say that the fit wont be the same because of the heavier denim so I might not get the same fit I hope for.
i cant get the same thing again.  Plus those stupid thigh/knees being so slim, i just dont understand how 1/2" can make such a difference The 007 pics of the flare bottom piss me off. I dont really understand that look
got rid of my 012s tonight.  time to find some new deep indigo.
about 45min left. come get em
on ebay now! why'd you guys make me do that!!!?!?!?!?
I'll go lower. shoot me a price
take them, they are just gonna go to waste otherwise
i need a new pair
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