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First wear after first wash pbj 012s
I got a new camera so I decided to play with it a bit.  Also decided to wash my xx-012. Probably a little early(75 days) but I needed to shrink them a bit before they faded too much. The white leaf is now blue  Some  before and afters.            
little bit of character coming through
yes, my are one wash size 30. The measurements matched BiG's size chart to a "T" except for the waist . It was about 2' shy of what it was suppose to measure but it stretched really fast, within an hour
I sure hope I don't have a weird looking body. I find it hard to believe those jeans are just what mine look like b4 a wash. Shrinkage must be insane in raws. ...unless that guy got an off sized pair.Here is mine with a hem
I wanna know what a persons build looks like that those are made for! They look like you should have lady hips and a belly in the pelvic area. I am glad I got the one wash 30s because they look nothing close to THAT odd.
All the new 012s have a white leaf instead of the blue one just an fyi
Skinny guy lht 30
Ill be getting them hemmed soon I'll just rock them with the double cuffs  for a week or two(they were only single cuffed in the pic)
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