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little bit of character coming through
yes, my are one wash size 30. The measurements matched BiG's size chart to a "T" except for the waist . It was about 2' shy of what it was suppose to measure but it stretched really fast, within an hour
I sure hope I don't have a weird looking body. I find it hard to believe those jeans are just what mine look like b4 a wash. Shrinkage must be insane in raws. ...unless that guy got an off sized pair.Here is mine with a hem
I wanna know what a persons build looks like that those are made for! They look like you should have lady hips and a belly in the pelvic area. I am glad I got the one wash 30s because they look nothing close to THAT odd.
All the new 012s have a white leaf instead of the blue one just an fyi
Skinny guy lht 30
Ill be getting them hemmed soon I'll just rock them with the double cuffs  for a week or two(they were only single cuffed in the pic)
my xx-012's just showed up. I made sure to measure everything b4 I put them on and everything was perfect to the chart,.... except the wasit,....the 31 I got measured a 28!!!  I was scared but i could tell it was gonna work by how easy it stretched with just a little pull. I put them on and after only a minute I got all the buttons up. I'll get some pics up later when someone can take them because these damn smart phones cant balance on their own for crap.
I am so indecisive. I need to stay off these forums. Just switched it to a 31 o\w
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