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my N&F skinny guys are my favorite fit, size 30,......I think the collab blue owl/momo is a pretty close fit in the skinny straight they offer. 
where are all the fit pics of the newest collab?!?1
They are the xx-012's...same thing though. Not old at all yet(4 months worn everyday) but with 2 washes now because I have ocd. I felt like they got dirty because of where I was so I needed to wash them to make myself comfortable sitting on my couch.
Electric BSG II ...i think
Ahhhh the expensive ones.
anyone know what model this is? i know it says 702 on the patch but.....thats not the 702  i know https://24.media.tumblr.com/89be9a2cbe484b2d86b8c0b2c35ea150/tumblr_mkdi2vfecv1s4k0v6o1_1280.jpg
everyone give up on these???
Just the regular ones, I'm not very active in the cold season haha. I wanted to send them back in to get hemmed again since I have to double cuff it now. I wanted to get all the shrinkage out which was the only reason for the wash really, but I'm glad I did it now as the blue is now more my flavor. They are just toooooo dark at first
only about 75 times. every day since the first of march.
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