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will you guys be getting the 3sixteen 121x ?
they will be on my list in the next 2 weeks....once i find out about those pockets!!!!!!!!
i just emailed about the pockets on these ones. Are they normal or super super deep like 0200sp? now to decide between the 2nd run of the bom008 or these
Placement, not REplacement.  The pockets are in a bad spot....i looked and looked and most guys look to have saggy butts because of how low the pockets are in my opinion
but worst pocket placement ever(for men anyways)....next to Jnco jeans but those dont count
havent decided anything yet.
cant decide on E4 or Bom008. i know Skinny Guy fit is spot on but with the heavier weight it might not be. I seem to have a battle with the Momo line for perfect fit. Decisions decisions.
Waiting for a plane in my lht
any of you guys who got the E4's comment on the fit?,...the Blue Owl guys say the skinny guy fit is a bit different this time around and due to the 22oz i should size up from my LHT. But I want the  same fit of my 30 LHT, even unhemmed these things are perfect.
I am a big white t wearer....its my primary shirt, I love jeans and white v-necks. I have a slim figure, 5"10 , 155lbs, and my favorite have been Alfani brand found at Macys, they are not square/boxy like lots of  "under shirts" , very fitted in the arms and much softer than others
New Posts  All Forums: