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cant decide on E4 or Bom008. i know Skinny Guy fit is spot on but with the heavier weight it might not be. I seem to have a battle with the Momo line for perfect fit. Decisions decisions.
Waiting for a plane in my lht
any of you guys who got the E4's comment on the fit?,...the Blue Owl guys say the skinny guy fit is a bit different this time around and due to the 22oz i should size up from my LHT. But I want the  same fit of my 30 LHT, even unhemmed these things are perfect.
I am a big white t wearer....its my primary shirt, I love jeans and white v-necks. I have a slim figure, 5"10 , 155lbs, and my favorite have been Alfani brand found at Macys, they are not square/boxy like lots of  "under shirts" , very fitted in the arms and much softer than others
Does anyone who has the "ST" also have N&F skinny guy who could supply side by side photos? Im wanting a pair of ST shadows but do not want the pockets too low and off my butt. 
Japan Blue,.....different brand. Its a collab from Blue Owl.
Im looking at the Japan Blue Deep Blue Monsters but since they are unsanfordized I risk running into fit problems there, also looking at the 3sixteen "shadow" or possible the N&f elephant 4 just because the "skinny guy" fit is what I know that works,.....BUT they say that the fit wont be the same because of the heavier denim so I might not get the same fit I hope for.
i cant get the same thing again.  Plus those stupid thigh/knees being so slim, i just dont understand how 1/2" can make such a difference The 007 pics of the flare bottom piss me off. I dont really understand that look
got rid of my 012s tonight.  time to find some new deep indigo.
about 45min left. come get em
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