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take them, they are just gonna go to waste otherwise
i need a new pair
Aint nothing wrong with my crotch! Thanks for looking at it though.
Alright, thought Id post a few parting pics. They are for sale.    
Sometimes you just gotta cut your losses, I think my thighs are just getting too big. Bought new from BIG  and went through 2 washes. Help me get into another pair of denim with the sale of these. Paypal only $220 shipped
I'll probably post them later today after i get some good pics. If I have this problem now, should i avoid the brand entirely?? I know the slim thigh and knee is an issue with these, and I am a small guy!!! or so i thought, 5'11 and 150 or maybe my legs are just beeeeeefy! doubtful though. Ill probably go with blue owl x japan blue collab with the next if pbj seems to be a lost cause.
debating ditching my 012s for something new entirely or maybe just 007)scared of getting that dumb leg flare though). More and more I am getting irritated with them because I Think the issue is that the thighs are too slim to allow me to wear them where i want(for example, pull them high enough, before they get stuck on my upper thighs and then they really start to pull on my leg hair and irritate the back of my legs ) and with the waist being loose, they start to fall...
I dont think I could handle downsizing anywhere else in the jeans to prepare for the stretch in the waist. Those knees and thighs!!!!!!!  I need some collabs between N&F skinny guy and some higher end brands to happen .
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