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Yes, you could wear a variety of sizes within the same brand depending on the last and style. Also, you can wear different sizes across brands. In addition to the initial fit, you'll start to get a better idea after a few months of wear. Once you find a few lasts that work with you and have worn them for a period of time, sizing will be less complicated.
It's EG, I'm sure it'll be awesome!
The AE hands down is better than TBNY. The AE has better construction, sturdier leather, returned to AE directly for recraft, and cheaper. Saying that, if the TBNY fits you better or if you prefer a thinner leather upper, then maybe TBNY is right for you.
That's what I heard (EG declining to fully line the shaft) but initially I never really thought it a major issue until I went to Citi Shoes and saw their Galway on display. The shaft lining was just a leather strip on the top and although it kept that section sturdy, the ankle area looked like it needed more support. I understand without the lining it would make the boot more comfortable but I guess my preference is a boot with a full lining.
I see the mirror shine goals is going well.
I need to hop on this thread.
So jealous...
I've also found the 337 to be a tad larger.  I typically wear 6E on the 348, 363, 356 and have worn the same size on the 337.  However, sometime in the past, I tried the Weymouth 6E and found it 'loose' overall.  I mentioned this to the SA (C&J NY) and he said the HG lasts do run a little more generous.  I tried the 5.5E in the store and it seemed to fit well.  I haven't owned a 5.5E so I can't really comment on how they fit in the long term, but I've been curious.
Nice shells
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