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I think it's considered EG's iconic shoe by some (similar to Vass' Norweger, Alden's LWB, AE's Park Avenue). I have a pair in dark oak and do like them.
I believe the Newbury are made in Spain (so Magnanni?) so it is a whole different beast. The Newbury is longer, has cleaner lines, and softer leather. Juxtapose that to AE shoes which feel sturdier, be goodyear welted (not sure how the Newbury is constructed), and thinker uppers. The fit will also be very different between the two. Best bet is to try both on and see which fits best.
I do have to say I like the DM without a capbut with a medallion [talking myself out of it by thinking the toe would just look like the Wigmores]...
Wow, this is a big collaboration. Chay from AS has definitely been busy!
80106 Jodhpur boot: The Alcudia is definitely narrow!
Argh, the salt!
I wear a half size up from C&J; however, I also stay consistent with the "E" width though on both brands.
FWIW I wear UK = US -1 for all my C&J lasts. And I also assume you mean 337 (not 377) right?
Yes, you can have both. I had them done on an excellent fitting pair of loafers I got from Paul Stuart. Since they were blake constructed from one of the numerous Italian houses, I was concerned about potential resoling so I had both sole guards and flushed taps installed; Nick V. at VIP did the work for me.
^ Interesting historical info!
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