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Haven't posted in a while. Newly acquired Alden x Need Supply Stafford Boots. Loving the crepe sole so far, very soft and comfortable. Recently sent my 3 year old indy boots to B. Nelson for new soles and toe stitching repair. Will post pics when I receive them.
Hey guys, haven't posted in a while. Looking to make my next Alden purchase and need some advise. Looking for a brown shoe or boot to wear mostly with jeans, maybe a pare of dress pants or the occasional suit. I don't have a very large shoe budget. So this will probably be my only brown pair for a while. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
Anybody else have one shoe in each pair they like better than the other? Seems like every pair I own has one more appealing shoe, some left, some right.
#8 J Crew cap toes today, 3rd time out.
Initial cost yes, but my 5 pairs will outlast her 20 pairs 10 fold.
1. Not sure but I would assume that it is because of support material causing the oil to absorb differently then the rest of the boot.2. Had a similar issue with Indys though not as extreme. Whenever I get a new pair of boots I lace them as tight as I can and do something active. Hike, yard work, whatever just as long as the boot heats up and conforms to your foot sooner. May take a few wears but mine have become the most comfortable boots I ever owned.
So this isn't normal? I was afraid of that, I hope there is something that can be done as neither issue arose until after a full day of wear.
Maiden voyage with my #8 boots yesterday. End of the day, proceeding with the Mac Method, I noticed two things. #1 all of the speed hooks will rotate slightly, not fixed like my Indys. Is this normal for shell? #2 on the inside lower portion of the left boot the lining is wrinkled, this did not happen on my Indys either. Thanks in advance for any input.
Dude that sucks! I hope you don't mind that I ran the scenario through my head and had a chuckle at your expense. Make sure to post pics of your first victim.
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