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Thank you!My tailor will be handling this, at any rate, so I'm not too concerned with the details—just curious.
 Could you elaborate on the position a bit more? My thoughts were simply to centre the brace itself over the crease in the trousers, spacing the buttons far enough apart to account for the natural V-shape of the button-hole extensions.
 Thank you for the recommendation!
 I will post photos later, but I may have the problem of the trousers being slightly lower rise than I'd like, or perhaps my cummerbund not being as wide as it could be. Hence my concern.
The tuxedo is home from my tailor, and the MTM tuxedo shirt is in process with Kent Wang's artisans.   Still to acquire:   Cufflinks, maybe these? Braces, white Black silk stockings   Still to do:   Practice tying a bow tie until my fingers bleed
I just got my tuxedo back from my tailor as I work on getting together my black-tie rig.   I have a question: the trousers do not, of course, have belt loops, nor do they have side-tabs or buttons for braces.   I would prefer to get buttoned braces (would these be suitable?) so I will have to have buttons added to the trousers. I've done a bit of reading on the topic and am thinking that I'd like the front attachment points to be inside the waistband (in case they'd...
I'm wearing the navy with white pindots square right now. I actually get quite a bit of use out of it.
I recently picked up a Passage-series garment bag for $80 and was wondering—has anyone used it as a carry-on? It's my first Filson purchase but I'm fairly certain it's not a particularly high-end item of theirs—I can't even find any mention of it on their website. Does anyone have more info on this series?
It seems that those that have a narrower foot, like myself, size down a half size (I'm a 10.5D in AE's 5 last and a 10 in KW's benchgrade bals fits just fine), whereas if your foot is normal-to-wider you should go with the same size (this was Kent's initial suggestion to me regarding what size to order).I ended up ordering both a 10 and a 10.5 and simply returned the 10.5—this dinged me a little bit on customs fees (maybe an extra $25-300 or so) but frankly the...
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