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Bit of a late reply, but I just received my Duvalls. There's a touch more patina on the right boot than on the left, but nothing like what you've got going on there.   It almost looks like you have a demonstration model where one boot was in the box and the other was on display.
 Nice find!
Very clever! I will have my tailor add just such a feature to the shirt. Thanks!
Friends, I came upon an issue with my newly-assembled tuxedo that maybe you can help me with.   I have a Kent Wang tuxedo shirt and cummerbund. I found that, probably because of the thickness of the material at the bib, the shirt was always pulling up slightly out of my trousers and bunching up slightly under the jacket after I'd move around too much. It's not like the entire thing ended up tucked under my armpits, but it was definitely enough to interrupt what I felt...
 I certainly trust my tailor. But there's enough going on right now that I have no spare mental and emotional bandwidth left over to handle the what-ifs, so I figure it's best to leave it be. On the plus side, my fiancé said exactly the same thing yesterday: a boutonnière of any kind spoils the sleek and clean look of the tuxedo altogether, so she would prefer to skip it as well. So, problem solved. Thanks for the input anyhow, friends.  :)
Seems too much of a risk for irreparably damaging the facing, doesn't it? With the event just over three weeks away, I've no time (or, frankly, spare funds) to replace the jacket if the job goes south.
Gentlemen,   My dinner jacket has no buttonhole on the lapel for a boutonnière. What does one do, in this case, when a floral arrangement is required to be worn for, say, one's wedding?   While it's not a particularly expensive or high-end jacket, I'm still not exactly enthusiastic with the idea of pinning through the satin facing—but this seems to be the only option, either directly through the stem of the flower (leaving me worried that the plant's sap may ruin the...
Thank you!My tailor will be handling this, at any rate, so I'm not too concerned with the details—just curious.
 Could you elaborate on the position a bit more? My thoughts were simply to centre the brace itself over the crease in the trousers, spacing the buttons far enough apart to account for the natural V-shape of the button-hole extensions.
 Thank you for the recommendation!
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