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Hi all, I'm thinking of buying some winter boots and I'm really close to buying a pair of Ralph Lauren's I found for sale online. Would anybody be able to reccomend sizing on them? I usually wear an 8.5 in Nike ACG's and Clarks and a 9 in Nike, Jordan and Adidas sneakers. Thanks in advance
They could be from anyone your best bet is to get a pair of Levis 510 or H&M Slim Low jeans in that same wash and distress them yourself
I found this teeny stain on my new jeans I don't want to wash my jeans just yet is there a way to get this off? I have no idea what caused this I just looked down and I saw this it doesn't feel like a fresh stain.
Versace has been meh for the price in my experience but ill check our RL and Chanel
I know that designer watches are generally no good compared to those of watchmakers. For example, a $300 Michael Kors watch looks nice but the quality is inferior to a $300 Citizen. Are there any designer watches that both look great and have the quality and performance of a watchmakers watch at the equivalent price? Particularly Gucci and Burberry but anyother designers are appreciated
Being that Burberry is European their garments are cut slimmer than others. So keep in mind that modern shirts are a slim fit and slim shirts are a skinnier fit. I cannot help you with direct sizing but wear a topman shirt to a store that carries Burberry and try on the Burberry shirt with the fit and size of the topman shirt fresh in your mind
Any other chinos you can recommend? Preferably ones that come in bright colors like a blue.
I'm thinking of getting some chinos in a bright color and I found Toddland's 'Greatest Pants in the Universe'. For $20-30 are these good and how do they fit? I'm liking the fit of Levi's 513's and 511's so if they feel similar to those that's good. If there's any other I should look at it would be appreciated.
I never noticed this. I have a pair of 513's with the black tag and a pair of 511's with the brown tag both feel of similar quality which is good.
Try a button up with a nice pattern or something and cuff the sleeves to your elbows leave the top two buttons un-buttoned. I dig rugbys too but then again you don't like collars. I respect the shirt do you misc?
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