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TBF without knowing too much about this I can tell the leather on my pair of finn is poor quality relative to a more expensive pair, it's all kind of scaley and hard?? Not really sure what this means, but it reeks of cheap. I feel kind of mislead because the leather looked really nice in the pics online (lol). Still, they're seem to be constructed well enough for me to be just about satisfied, for the £100 I paid I think they're fairly decent.
Basically yeah I agree, Grenson still make decent enough casual shoes for a reasonable price. If you're looking for that one pair of dress shoes then these days you're better off looking elsewhere.
Saw lots of people earlier in the thread saying the quality of the new line is crap because they're made in India. I wonder how many of them had even come into contact with a pair and were just making assumptions because I've recently bought a pair of finn and find them to be of very decent quality(very attractive to boot). I'm no expert but even so, if this is crap quality then I want to know what good quality looks and feels like.
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