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  Thank you for the info.  I'll probably spend most of Sunday morning calling various BB locations now that I know there may be a chance.  I'll start with the Madison Ave. flagship.  
      I've checked the BB one but they never seem to have E widths available in my size.  I've also inquired about Unipair's version but they are asking for 620 which is a little more than I'd be willing to pay for a suede model (might as well get cordovan!).     Thanks for the heads up guys I'll keep my eye on the BB website and see if my size ever pops up again.  I wish it was a model Alden just had on stock.  I just can't get behind the texture of their mocha kid suede...
  Mind if I ask where you've located a pair of snuff suede tassel loafers?  It is a model I've been hunting down for quite some time.  Thank you.
  How on earth is this possible?  I wear a 8.5D Barrie, 9E Leydon and a 9.5D Aberdeen (Brannock is 9.5D Left/9.25D Right).     Are my feet mutants? :O 
  sweet moses those are glorious  
      Just posting to confirm that the Cordovan #8 Indy they offer is indeed on the Barrie last.  The SA (Robert) definitively told me they were when I asked him and the 8.5 D I picked up fit just like the other 8.5 D Barrie boots I have.  I also compared them pretty extensively to my other Barries to make sure and they are the same.   I have not tried on the tanker nor have I asked about it, so I can not shed any light on that particular make-up.
Question:   Do any of you guys pre-treat your cordovan shoes as outlined here?   I haven't done it with my pairs and am wondering if it is something I should be doing on any future purchases?
I was told the sample bourbon Neumora's were as far as they got.  They never got the greenlight to produce anything past the 9D samples.  So the few people that snagged the sample bourbons are likely the only ones to have them.  This is according to a sales rep at the shoebank.  Hopefully he is proven wrong!
    Double concur.  I just recently got fitted in the Leydon unlined chukkas at the local Alden.  My 8.5 D Barrie feet convert super comfortably into 9 E on the Leydon while a 9 D was literally a pain.   The point where the lacing is stiched to the vamp is a lot stiffer than the rest of the unlined chukka.  And for some reason it falls right on the arches of my feet in a D width, which yields the most uncomfortable type of rubbing. Maybe it was just the wonkiness of my...
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