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Anyone have experience with this brand? What do you guys think?   http://www.handcraftednobrand.com/?product=hnb-20-derby-1
More pics please?
What makes you guys say that the upper will last forever or 100 years? How are the m.morias different than any other boots with shell upper?
Do you have a fit pic by any chance? Any fit pic of the pants will do. Cheers.
Are the aw models typically heavier or bulkier than the ss models? Do the designers typically use thinner, more breathable leathers for ss?
Can you post some close ups of the leather, with scars etc?
I'd also be interested to see your bespoke shoes hendrix, and it'd be great if you can elaborate on why you consider them better constructed than 95% of the stuff posted on here. 
Just wondering, for the linen over leather boots, is the linen meant to wear away eventually and just be a leather boot? 
Ya I kinda figured out that for brands discussed here cordovan refers to a broader array of leathers than just shell. I'll be heading to Toronto in a week so will check out the serpentine shop. Any other good spots in TO?
Thanks sinnedk, really like the layer0 petro/black ankle boots, a bit outside my price range for now, and with the Canadian import taxes... we will see.
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