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Anyone find the Inis Meain sleeves to be short? Guess I prefer my sweaters to have slightly longer sleeves but the IM sweaters seemed to be a bit too short for comfort.
That's some intense creasing for one wear...
Damn it's over?
Superdenim has some Yuketen seconds on sale for well under 100 pounds. I personally like this one http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=3972
Vords that looks incredible, I was pretty set on the cafe racer, but your photos are really making me want both... Also, I think a sleeve flare looks really bad on a Dr, and was the primary reason I sold my toj. I'd rather the sleeve hem be a bit smaller and adjust with the sipper than have one that's too big, pretty much unsalvageable at that point. Im sure Thurston and Fok have thought of this...Just a thought.
Im fairly broad shouldered for an S, and I prefer somewhat of a boxy'er fit, even then, the slimmer shoulder measurements seem to make more sense. Of cours it kind of depends on the thickness of the leather, but I can't imagine the leather being close to .5 cm...
Looks like the Vanson/SF DR is about to be done, the fit and specs look spot on. Can we please get started on the Cafe Racer now? Can we just use the same fit and tweek the details based on a cafe racer, and have this done before winter?
So excited for the "garand", I've already switched my entire work pants wardrobe to walts, it makes pants shopping so much easier when you know you will be getting the perfect fit everytime and are able to pick from a variety of quality fabrics. Hopefully the "garand" will achieve the same for my casual wardrobe. Just thinking of the heavy tweeds gives me goosebumps. Well done guys!
Fok, that's probably the most perfect boot I've seen in a long long time.
Can anyone comment on how the Heschung "Corde suede Apache mocassin" fit, TTS or size down a half? Thanks.
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