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If I'm a 8.5 in Alden for Brooks Brothers (non-barrie, similar to plaza I think?), and 8 for Viberg 2030 last, would I be able to squeeze into a 40 Buttero tanino low? thanks
looks a bit too slim for comfort... still sick as fuck
Mr.Moo do you mind posting a picture of the back of the jacket? Thanks.
I think it'll be a big step forward for brands like Vanson and Aero if they're willing to adapt to more modern, slimmer models/cuts. With today's savvy consumers and freeflow of information, coupled with their experience and know-how in terms of leather quality and construction (and reasonable pricing), they can expand their niche and take market share from a lot of top tier designer brands.
I agree with cyc.
Can you elaborate a bit on the differences between Vanson's comp. weight leather and Horween's cxl HH that aero uses? I'm not a big leather person, so trying to zero in on one piece that I'll really enjoy rather than a whole bunch that won't get much use.
Would it be possible to customize the pockets? The one above feels a bit too busy with the 4 pockets and belt. Hmmm... Maybe I'll hold off til the next round for a cafe racer.
What do you guys think about this one
What leather did the junya dr use? Looks nice and supple.
Would be interested in the tartan lined cafe racer above.
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