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3 yr old Viberg from the original SF sample sale.
NN That Layer-0 leather is incredible. Just curious, are the Layer-0 leather jackets fairly consistent in terms of the leather, or does it depend quite a bit on the particular hide the jacket was made from?
Thats awesome, I'll keep an eye out on Yahoo auctions and let you know if I find something I like. Cheers.
These have to be the coolest sneakers I've ever seen. Where did you get them?
BNWOT tweed jacket from SEH Kelly (these are brand new, SEH Kelly items doesn't come with tag). Can't really describe this brilliant jacket better than SEH Kelly: http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/jackets/sb3-in-charcoal-tobacco-gun-club-check/ The only comments I'll make is that I've never felt a tweed quite this soft, and the color combination is sophisticated and extremely pleasing to the eye. As great as this jacket is, it's just sitting in my closet as it doesn't really...
BNWOT 100% merino Cardigan from John Smedley. Made by one of the oldest British knitwear makers around, this is the perfect cardigan - thin enough to wear under a jacket while maintaining a flattering silhouette. The color is a deep burgundy.    
Size small Sage De Cret pants, will fit 30-32 due to elastic waist and roomy upper block. Made in Japan. Purchased from NMWA a year ago. Some wear through the winter season, but Excellent condition as the boiled wool doesn't show wear at all. Extremely plush, soft boiled wool. Roomy upper block with an aggressive taper below the knee. Plenty of fitpics available in the NMWA thread. Decided to sell since it just doesn't really fit into my wardrobe.
Chunky Merino sweater from GRP (merino/cashmere blend).Made in Italy.Originally discovered the brand from NoManWalksAlone. This maker is right up there with the best knitwear brands like Inis Meain and John Smedley.Worn around the house a few times, but the sizing is just a bit too big, I'd say it's a big small or a small medium. See pictures for details, there is absolutely no pilling at all.
BNWT Driggs Olive Moleskin Driggs Trouser   Epaulet Driggs trousers in olive moleskin, Size 31, unaltered. My first attempt at driggs, the taper is just a bit much for me. Will be sticking to walts.    
BNWT Navy Super120's Wool Driggs Trouser (Size 31)   Epaulet Driggs trousers, no introduction needed. My first attempt at driggs, the taper is just a bit much for me. Will be sticking to walts. See details below. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/driggs-super-120s-wool-trouser-navy Happy to trade for a Walt in the same size.    
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