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How do feit compare to cp or mmm? Sorry if I'm derailing the thread.
Anyone have experience with Feit sneakers? They look interesting.
Extra 20 off sale at gravity pope www.gravitypope.com
Anyone know where I can find Christo sandals, not too familiar with visim, but those sandals look perfec.
Shell sneakers? Hell yeah!
Would it be possible to special order the white sneaker without the grey suede piece at the back, I really like the shape but would like one thats all white.
Anyone know if Whites still offer shell cordovan for SD models? If so, whats the approximate price range. Thanks.
What products do you guys use to take care of your Viberg's? Saphir? trees perhaps?
Can Epaulet guys comment a bit more on the leather used on the sneakers? They look fantastic, but its hard to see detailed leather qualities through internet pics. Thanks!
Anyone know when the next 30% corporate sale is? Cheers.
New Posts  All Forums: