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Anyone know a good store for Anonymousism socks, especially for Canada? Cheers.
Paraboot Michael is on sale at Blue button shop for $469 CAD. Most sizes and free shipping worldwide.   Any idea how it compares to Heschung Thuya? They look very similar and I'm a big fan of Heschung. 
Looks a lot better worn.
Leder deutschleder trousers and Inis Meain boat builder please
3 yr old Viberg from the original SF sample sale.
NN That Layer-0 leather is incredible. Just curious, are the Layer-0 leather jackets fairly consistent in terms of the leather, or does it depend quite a bit on the particular hide the jacket was made from?
Thats awesome, I'll keep an eye out on Yahoo auctions and let you know if I find something I like. Cheers.
These have to be the coolest sneakers I've ever seen. Where did you get them?
BNWOT tweed jacket from SEH Kelly (these are brand new, SEH Kelly items doesn't come with tag). Can't really describe this brilliant jacket better than SEH Kelly: http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/jackets/sb3-in-charcoal-tobacco-gun-club-check/ The only comments I'll make is that I've never felt a tweed quite this soft, and the color combination is sophisticated and extremely pleasing to the eye. As great as this jacket is, it's just sitting in my closet as it doesn't really...
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