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Maybe its just me, but the back looks very busy...
I'll be in intensive care with a smile on my face
SWEET! Just got shipping notification, will report back after receiving.
Is the light gray, "gray wool with charcoal liner"? Thats the one I got and I wanted the thickest one. Hopefully I didnt mix up the fabrics...
Anyone find the Inis Meain sleeves to be short? Guess I prefer my sweaters to have slightly longer sleeves but the IM sweaters seemed to be a bit too short for comfort.
That's some intense creasing for one wear...
Damn it's over?
Superdenim has some Yuketen seconds on sale for well under 100 pounds. I personally like this one http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=3972
Vords that looks incredible, I was pretty set on the cafe racer, but your photos are really making me want both... Also, I think a sleeve flare looks really bad on a Dr, and was the primary reason I sold my toj. I'd rather the sleeve hem be a bit smaller and adjust with the sipper than have one that's too big, pretty much unsalvageable at that point. Im sure Thurston and Fok have thought of this...Just a thought.
Im fairly broad shouldered for an S, and I prefer somewhat of a boxy'er fit, even then, the slimmer shoulder measurements seem to make more sense. Of cours it kind of depends on the thickness of the leather, but I can't imagine the leather being close to .5 cm...
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