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Would've liked to grab any of the solid colored heavyweights, but had a full day meeting... Oh well, any more FF or stock heavy weight walts coming up this F/W season?
SS BB FH3009 Viberg First time poster, critiques welcome
Would it be able to see some well worn jackets rather than new ones to see how the different leathers age? Cheers.
Mike, what will be warmest winter walts this year, really like the mink cash from last year, anything similar or just the typical tweed and flannels?
When will knitwear for this year be up?
Mike, what will be the warmest winter walts this year? I really liked the mink cash from last year, and I have some tweeds from previous years. As you can expect, when it hits -40, we want the warmest clothing possible.
Must suck to have to sell a jacket like this, I feel your pain man. Better hope your European brothers bail you out, cuz this thing retails for $685 in NA, which translates to a little under £430...
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