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Wow Calgary store carrying Blue Blue? Big bump!
In conversation with Mr. Kuti to order a dark cognac cordovan London model. Just trying to decide between p2 or banana last. Cheers.
Can anyone please share some sizing experience on the banana last? Cheers.
Too bad shipping to Canada is $40! Cashmere from Johnston of Elgin looks nice.
Dang this went fast, whoevers got this, hit me up if this doesn't fit you!
Please post fit pics when you receive this!
Deets on the Vass shoes?
I'd be interested to know which model of Guidi boots you have, since the typical leather-sock-like boots don't seem to match your minimum-5cm-thick leather jackets at all.
What's the difference between a Virgil and a Brigadier?
http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/sale/products/brigadier-boots-mid-folk-suede-brown-1   Good deal? Think there are a couple of other pieces on sale as well.
New Posts  All Forums: