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What's the difference between a Virgil and a Brigadier?
http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/sale/products/brigadier-boots-mid-folk-suede-brown-1   Good deal? Think there are a couple of other pieces on sale as well.
Unlike the sashiko stuff, this is a very light jacket. I really wanted to grab this when I as in japan this summer, but just didn't have the heft I was looking for. Thanks for the info Mom Dieu.
What size do you typically take?
Might be a bit big but i grabbed it anyways, hoping that I can give it a hotsoak and shrink it a bit.
What does a 3 correspond to in US sizing? Cheers.
Anyone have experience with this brand? What do you guys think?   http://www.handcraftednobrand.com/?product=hnb-20-derby-1
More pics please?
What makes you guys say that the upper will last forever or 100 years? How are the m.morias different than any other boots with shell upper?
Do you have a fit pic by any chance? Any fit pic of the pants will do. Cheers.
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