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Did this happen, interested to see what people think of their sweaters.
Can anyone comment on the burhead trousers? Looks interesting, but not too sure what to think of the knit ankles.TIA
Black shell sounds like a great idea!
That coat is just killer!
Do you mind telling me why you are selling? And any chance for a fit pic? Cheers.
Pretty sweet deal then, Id jump on it if it werent boxing day in two weeks.
Are you sure that the leather is shell cordovan? It looks awefully like calf.
Second the slip-on sneaker idea!
Paul, do you have any customer fit pics of the 10-ply jumpers? It looks perfect but I'd like to see a few more worn pictures if possible.
Would've liked to grab any of the solid colored heavyweights, but had a full day meeting... Oh well, any more FF or stock heavy weight walts coming up this F/W season?
New Posts  All Forums: