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Anyone going to Three Floyd's Dark Lord Day this Saturday?
Since the original tour listing, they've added another night in Chicago (3/28) at the Vic. Hasn't sold out yet, which is kind of crazy.
Yeah, you don't get a much better response than that... I remember having it @ the JW Marriott in London.
The nunnery is great - great view and juxtaposition of the site's buildings with the towers and such from the rest of HK. Also a fan of walking along the harborfront (TST side) at night, then skipping over to the island and exploring a bit more. The buildings are beautiful and stuff like the HSBC building, you really don't see anywhere else. In terms of restaurants, I had a fantastic meal at Hutong when I was there last. Great seafood up in the Sai Kung area, as...
I'll dissent and say i really like wd-50. Is every course going to blow you away? No, of course not. The vast majority are conceptually interesting (either from a story perspective or a flavor/texture/etc perspective). Two of the best dishes I've ever had are from there: 1. A disc of foie gras with a liquefied passion fruit center and celery crumble on top. Imagine the sharp tartness of the fruit contrasting with the unctuous, smooth cream of the foie. Two...
I'm interested to see how the membership fee will impact the price (if at all) of drinks. On one end, you have the $0-startup, all-marginal pricing for drinks (like 99% of bars), and on the other (in theory) you could have a high yearly fee with $0-marginal drinks.
If you're in the midwest, Bell's Hopslam is out right now... definitely one of the best DIPAs out there.
I really like it. I have a lifetime membership. There's really two sections: 1. Video recipes 2. Cooking school The recipes are good - not exceedingly difficult to execute and the videos are spot on. Good detail, visuals, and breakouts of unfamiliar terms. The stuff I've made has generally been very tasty. The cooking school is definitely more fundamental and not recipe driven. For someone without any formal culinary background, it's been very...
If you have a food dehydrator, kale chips are good and extremely healthy. Basically break apart the kale, toss with a little olive oil and salt, touch of honey, then spread onto dehydrator sheets, 115 degrees for 8 hours, and boom - crispy, salty, relatively savory and tasty snack that's definitely better for you than most things you'd buy at the store.
It has a smokier, vegetative, almost leathery taste, relative to tea. I'd perhaps say that mate is to black/oolong tea as scotch is to brandy or rum. I think it's worth a try, either using a gourd or other extraction methods. Not much else like it.
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