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Speaking of conditioning products, I thought I ordered VSC but what showed up up was Venetian Leather Balm.    The Leather Balm contains terpitine and petroleum distillates.   Bad idea to use on my shell and CXL or does VSC contain the same stuff?     Thanks!
Leffot CXL PT boot is my go-to boot.  Very, very well rounded.
In love........  These look a lot better than the pictures I was sent from J Gilbert.  First Plaza purchase.  I like the last a bunch.    
Which store in La Jolla?
 Mitch Rosen is the man!  
Funny how different the severity of blemishes are on the TSM seconds.   Offering those at only a 40% discount is an insult.  I had to send a pair of Split Toe seconds back to TSM.  The stitching was so far off they looked like I was wearing two different styled shoes.   They need to start taking better pics of the blems or have deeper discounts on the shoes that have the bad "issues" from a blem perspective.
I think both the 1000 Mile and Redwing GT are similar to Barrie (I have owned them all).  I want to caution you however cordovan on Barrie has always fit me a little tighter than Chromexel on Barrie.
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