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Well, assuming its fitted and you know your color scheme fairly well, perhaps a cardigan with a tie and some slim khakis? A striped shirt with a vest and a solid coloured tie would be fine also.
Right! Gentlemen, post different styles of clothing combinations that you love to wear. Your favorite outfit perhaps or a classy-comfy look for the office. No need for pictures, of course, just post and let your imaginations go.
Congratulations, mate. I was in quite a similar dilemma a few years ago also. When I first started, I was sorting through random sites like Askmen, GQ, and the men's fashion section on Pinterest to get an idea of what I like and potentially my own style.   Like the replys above said, fit is extremely important. Get shirts, pants, coats, blazers, etc. fitted, wearing clothes much bigger than your body size makes you look like a kid. Also, get familiar with colors and...
Yep, pants.   Yeah, that's what I thought. I didn't think there's an absolute rule or formula rather than whether it looks good or not. I've paired a gray cardigan over a light blue shirt with a button down collar with slim fit khakis. Also, a tailored blazer that sits at about the waist which I think the combination looks fine.
Should a men's cardigan ever be tucked in? 
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