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  Something big, thought about RetroSuperFuture?
  Oh snap, just saw it. Please take a photo through a mirror. I have the 2994s and a pair of 649, and I really thought you were wearing 649s..
 have you tried the persol 2994s yet, if you like persol?
  I think both don't fit your face...you have a oval-shaped face. maybe you take a picture through a mirror instead of a selfie, because the wide lens of your camera is distorting your face. http://www.evo.com/how-to-find-the-sunglasses-style-fit-your-face-shape.aspx read through those buying guides to buy the perfect glasses for your face.sorry that i may sound mean, but not every shade fits every face.
  probably laser cut parts...wouldn't want to sit on them..
^I think those are Oliver Peoples???   yes, here:   http://www.justjared.com/2014/03/27/ryan-gosling-looks-mighty-fine-pumping-his-own-gas-in-l-a/
still looking for an ID, any info or idea welcome. I already checked Barton, Persol, OP, Tom Ford and Selima.
 expensive but cheaply made. not better than persols, in my opinion. BUT if you get them, let's say, for 50% off and sell them for 75%, then you are good to go, right?
  yes good eye.But, I cropped the picture, if you compare them. The one he is wearing has a very thin arm which widens in the direction of the ear. Also the frame around the glass is different (even though other SUPER shades have a similar frame)..  
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