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 expensive but cheaply made. not better than persols, in my opinion. BUT if you get them, let's say, for 50% off and sell them for 75%, then you are good to go, right?
  yes good eye.But, I cropped the picture, if you compare them. The one he is wearing has a very thin arm which widens in the direction of the ear. Also the frame around the glass is different (even though other SUPER shades have a similar frame)..  
i know not your favorite person, but can anybody ID those?? they look like clubmasters but with golden arms.      
They have a wider nose bridge than the 649s if I remember correctly.That's why they sat a bit deeper on my nose and looked way too big. A bit strange. But I am happy with my 649s in the same colorway than my 714 were, so, not a big deal for me.
had that problem also with my 714s. they were waay to big in 52mm so I sold them. Then I got the 649s in 49mm and they were too small so I was already a bit nervous if the 52mm would fit me. But they did. It really depends.
looking for those in 9,5 in dead stock condition!
 yes. ordered some persols from theaspecs to germany.
can sb id those glasses?  
  i have those. they look green, but in person / on a person it's a dark green, nothing bad. does work with pretty much everything.
 maybe check out some local high end sellers. A seller whose entry level glasses are persols, top range to something rare to barton perreira. those guys know literally any brand and all their styles.i would invest $150 for glasses any day.
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