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  the production of the parts is in china, the "crafting" is in italy.
RB produces in china. The quality of RSF is massive compared to RBs
  Depends on if they fit your face and the size of the flat tops..
   nah, this pic shows (for me) that they fit perfect.
  I like 'em. MAYBE the nose bridge is a bid too big but that is a personal preference. I'd say keep them!
  try and review them for us. But I wouldn't think these are made by Selima, Selima produces in France 100% of its parts. These would go for 200+ if they were made in France.
  Something big, thought about RetroSuperFuture?
  Oh snap, just saw it. Please take a photo through a mirror. I have the 2994s and a pair of 649, and I really thought you were wearing 649s..
 have you tried the persol 2994s yet, if you like persol?
  I think both don't fit your face...you have a oval-shaped face. maybe you take a picture through a mirror instead of a selfie, because the wide lens of your camera is distorting your face. http://www.evo.com/how-to-find-the-sunglasses-style-fit-your-face-shape.aspx read through those buying guides to buy the perfect glasses for your face.sorry that i may sound mean, but not every shade fits every face.
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