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What CW of RB Wayfarers is he wearing??   2:45
what do you guys think of those trendy blue-tinted glasses that are sold this season? worth a cop or more a one-season-wonder??
haha what
 There are exactly 0 fakes out there. and, like on every fake product, you can tell these are fake (if they were).
loved it yesterday and today ofcourse!!
  the production of the parts is in china, the "crafting" is in italy.
RB produces in china. The quality of RSF is massive compared to RBs
  Depends on if they fit your face and the size of the flat tops..
   nah, this pic shows (for me) that they fit perfect.
  I like 'em. MAYBE the nose bridge is a bid too big but that is a personal preference. I'd say keep them!
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