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Somebody from Vietnam in here? Need a proxy!!
 you gotta be kidding me, what else do you know? his creditcard-number? his phone number?
can anyone id this brand? (click on pics)     any help would be very helpfull!!!
why is everyone so excited about group G? I mean only because of the US?
 yes, it helps as far as I want to know if sb can ID this tag? couldn't find anything on the net as of yet.  EDIT///I could sharpen the logo a bit. Looks something like a tree or so to me? 
 well... i want to know something about the jeans
Can anyone ID this jeans??    
  maybe those are air180s or some vtng (retro) model. do you have another picture?
 those are nikes right?
can sb ID jeans according to the logo? I have seen a nice pair of  jeans. the only thing I have recognized is the sharp edged tan-colored logo  on the right backpocket. anyone knows a brand that uses this type of logo?? any help appreciated!   thank!     ///EDIT: oh, and a white patch on the other pocket.
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