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Looking for a pair of used O'Malleys in brown. HMU if you have a pair!
 perfect. could you ID each one? 
I got a question. I owned a pair of acne max. Now I think my thighs got too fat. I can't even close the top bottom, it looks like right from those cheesy fitness-commercials. But I do fit in my Levi's just as normal. So my question is, should I upgrade to a 31/32 or do you think it's a different problem (like my thighs/body-build) Thanks
  I did the upgrade from 49mm to 52mm and I think it's too large now. So try the 52mm, it shold work. RBs and Persols I suppose. They have a little grey/silver square on the arm.  
  I have a pair of B&L RayBans. These are mid80s (?)
Can anyone ID those??   OPs?  
  yes same set of pictures.  but good digs though!!
Can anyone ID these??    
Are you still online?
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