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persol 2994s??
 very hard to get, because it's not on sale anymore.
        Just giving it a little push.. Can anyone ID one of those 3 shades?
 I seen the top one recently. it could be barton or OP. not sure.  If those are from Instagram, just hit him up???
  649s already look dated because they got hyped the last year/months.
So I bought a pair of used sunnys again and they are totally out of shape. Any way a n00b can get them back to normal shape? I tried to heat them successfully but I don't know where to bend them and where not.
 Dude, I have both's NOT the 1930s LVC shirt 100% certain the Asos looks 100x times more on point  (and it's cheaper!)
C'est tres beaux de voir que mon francais est encore bon. haha here is a link.  you cut the sleeve right over the shoulder seam. 
 it's NOT the LVC 1930s tee. This one has no shoulder seam.  Your best bet is an Asos white tee, cut the shoulders and the neck.
 Second one on the left and third one on the right.    I had quite a bunch of 649s. I suggest you measure  your favorite glasses (glass width and overall frame length) and compare it to a 649.Quality is all good, compareable to $200 glasses.Colorwise I would suggest tortoise, it is dark in lowlight but works with any other color. Black is just black, when the sun is shining, when it's raining... But that is my opinion.
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