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I got the same problem. I started to notice it in my Vans shoes. Sizing up WILL NOT help! Every other toe sits perfectly, but the big toe is just "standing up".   Sizing up will just make the shoe longer, not actually the "height" inside wear your toes sit.
I just ordered a pair of    http://courtlandeyewear.com/Sunsetland-Producer-II.html   let's see how these look.... they go for $90 a frame!!
I found another link: http://movieshadesid.blogspot.de/2014/08/james-dean-arnels-or-are-nots.html the guys from "Cult" Eyewear are trying to copy the original frame. I am undecided though, should I order my frame online? from a "noname" brand?
This might not be the correct thread, but I am looking into buying new spectacles. I would love to have a pair that is similar to the one James Dean wore. Does anyone know the brand? Is it still around? Or a VERY similar (1:1 maybe) version of it??   I found this article. Does this mean the glasses are "dead"? http://solakzade.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/discovery-tart-optical-arnel-james-dean-johnny-depp/
Hey, I am looking for either one in 34 or 36. I am a  EU 46. If anyone can help me or has one F/S, hmu!
I WTB a Schott Perfecto 618, but since I am from Germany, I just can't walk into a store and choose the correct size. Anyone got a fitguide? Sizing? What should I get if I wore Small in other leather jackets?? I have a normal build, so true to size would be ok for me.
persol 2994s??
 very hard to get, because it's not on sale anymore.
        Just giving it a little push.. Can anyone ID one of those 3 shades?
 I seen the top one recently. it could be barton or OP. not sure.  If those are from Instagram, just hit him up???
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