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Damn I wish I could be more helpful just lost my father to C. I will pray for you, and don't worry about the critics forums are for opinions even lousy ones
Listen idk how advanced ur situation is but checkout truelyheal.com lots of good info, I hope it can help u out. Do you juice?
Whoa what's is ur medical history? Is this the first time ?
Ok any idea on how much stretch to expect in the waist? My true waist is about 33.5 so I went with a tagged 32 SG
Does anyone know how the elephant 3 compairs to the elephant 2?
^^I couldn't help but notice you have a thing with "gib bluss" what gives? I'm thinking of copping a pair^^
hey i guys I have a quick question, how much do the big slubs stretch? I have a pair of the red cores & a pair of the stainless steel both sz 32. The red cores stretched to hell at the waist but the stainless steel fit like a glove. Thanx you guys are the best
Don't kno if I'm late but I bought a Pair of reverse fade skinny guys that were almost impossible to wear at first but now are some of my most comfortable jeans
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