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What's the release date for the free flyknits?
Are these still available?
Self edge warehouse sale, I dared to chase the dragon...
I bought the E4's and compared to the E3's I have they are looser in the waist & thigh. Also not as tapered below the knee. I got them both in a 32, the E3's I had to stretch the waist with compression clamps and PVC pipe. The E4's look as loose brand new as the E3s do after almost a year of wear and stretching.  
Damn I wish I could be more helpful just lost my father to C. I will pray for you, and don't worry about the critics forums are for opinions even lousy ones
Listen idk how advanced ur situation is but checkout truelyheal.com lots of good info, I hope it can help u out. Do you juice?
Whoa what's is ur medical history? Is this the first time ?
Ok any idea on how much stretch to expect in the waist? My true waist is about 33.5 so I went with a tagged 32 SG
Does anyone know how the elephant 3 compairs to the elephant 2?
^^I couldn't help but notice you have a thing with "gib bluss" what gives? I'm thinking of copping a pair^^
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