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 Had the exact same problem with 2 pairs of meermins I bought a while ago.  Ended up having to sell both - I guess the last just wasn't for me. 
Link is busted I think. 
If that's true by a decent one and sell it afterwards.
people always gonna find something to complain about.
Just bought a mid level grey market diver and was looking for recommendations in the Melbourne cbd for someone to fit the bracelet at a reasonable price. I'm aware I could do it myself but I don't have the tools and would prefer someone else do it. Few places seem to have polarised reviews - ekselman for example.
 thanks for the heads up.  what's a fair price here for 5 samples?  just use the per ml rate from the 50ml preorder less $4? 
I don't see what difference that would make - and I have no idea of the hierarchy of this website so happy to wait for any necessary approval.    That said, there is already a similar thread established for Toronto (http://www.styleforum.net/t/513363/the-toronto-for-sale-thread/0_100) so I see no difference in having a broad Australian Members sale thread.    Limits crap in the general chat thread, and would be a significant efficiency increase compared with the...
Is there any merit in establishing a separate for sale thread for Australian members? Given the cost and inconvenience of payment and postage it's often not feasible to buy items located overseas. It's also cumbersome to use the marketplace to browse for stuff located here.
thanks for the heads up. picked up hallam and drummond. fingers crossed on sizing. 
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