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 would you mind posting some pictures of the jacket and some comments as to sizing.  at $186 shipped ($211 - $25 sign up discount) i just bought the last brown A1 style available in my TTS suiting jacket size. i guess we'll see. 
Before I put them on ebay I thought I'd gauge interest levels in a pair of APC new standards in size 32 (as they're vanity sized would suit a natural 34).    Unhemmed and unwashed (though I'm happy to wash before posting if that's your preference). Have about 3 months of light wear (no epic fades sadly), but i just never got time to wear them hard.    Looking for $120 shipped in oz (half retail with no shipping) please PM for more details.    If there is any interest...
 Are they Australian based? 
Anyone ordered anything from mtm outfit hermenmenswear (not the Sydney based Herman bros)?   Thinking about getting a pair of casual trousers or perhaps this (https://www.hermenmenswear.com/product/rapallo-blu) as a beater/friday suit.    Prices seem very reasonable (similar to a standard MJB classic line after alterations and potentially cheaper than R&B/Herringbone), and the casual trousers are seen here...
I have also recently purchased a pair of loake strands, following advice in this thread to follow RMW sizing.    AFAIK the sizing is fine, and the shoes are comfortable to put on, however the shoes are proving really hard to break in and are very stiff in the heel.  I usually wear thin woolen socks and i have developed substantial heel blisters in only a couple days' wear. The break-in process has been far beyond anything i've experienced previously.    Is this normal...
 Appears to be this place.  http://www.bluestonerestaurantbar.com.au/ http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/760226/restaurant/CBD/Bluestone-Restaurant-Melbourne Never been (or heard of the place) - but it's not a very interesting menu, particularly for a degustation - and I would avoid.  $170 with matching wines is relatively decent value - around half the price of Attica's degustation + matching wines, though i expect < half the quality.  VDM around $250pp and that's just for...
hi - i've been really impressed with the ties i bought from you previously.   i'm interested in the light grey cashmere scarf - will it be completely free of any branding?
Is it an option to supplement the $300 with some of your own money and buy something that you know you want and will use again rather than rigidly sticking to the budget? I would do this if so.
 thanks for the tip. just took a punt on the slim/straight selvedge for $40.  i guess now is as good a time as any to ask whether they fit true to size? 
congratulations. that certificate is certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the victorian equivalent. 
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