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i don't agree, but the main point was that you hadn't in fact listened to the comments or turned your mind to their context before forming a view on them. 
 no disrespect but the comments made by mcguire were made on triple m radio and not on public free-to-air-television which would be watched by a far broader audience.  triple m footy's selling point is its 'locker room' culture - anyone who listens to it on a regular basis would know this.   save that mcguire's particular comments related to a female journalist in this particular instance, they were not unique or out of keeping with the show's context.  insults are...
bad mistake. the condescending patronising tone in the explanation is worse.
 Had the exact same problem with 2 pairs of meermins I bought a while ago.  Ended up having to sell both - I guess the last just wasn't for me. 
Link is busted I think. 
If that's true by a decent one and sell it afterwards.
people always gonna find something to complain about.
Just bought a mid level grey market diver and was looking for recommendations in the Melbourne cbd for someone to fit the bracelet at a reasonable price. I'm aware I could do it myself but I don't have the tools and would prefer someone else do it. Few places seem to have polarised reviews - ekselman for example.
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