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hi everyone,    i am looking to sell two pairs of meermin cap toes, 101198 model as they do not fit me. size UK 9/US 10.    one pair each in black and dark brown calf as seen here.    http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2033   http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2034 (in my opinion, the actual shoes are a darker brown than they appear in the pictures)   the shoes have each been worn once out of the house, and will be sold as new with all boxes,...
I really like the jacket. Very versatile too. 
 Thanks for your response. I think the pain is being caused because the heel of the shoe is very, very rigid. Certainly moreso than any other of my work shoes. I think that it may be just a matter of wearing them until the leather begins to soften/stretch. But it's gotten to the point where I've taken them off for today and reverted to another pair of shoes. I will try the conditioner when I get home. I also bought two pairs, so I have double the fun to look forward to!
Just wondering if anyone that has bought Meermins on the Hiro last is willing to share any experience on how they were to "break in".   I suppose I've been relatively lucky with shoes previously and besides enduring a few days of hell breaking in a pair of jack purcells (of all things) I've never really suffered too much.   As far as I can tell, and I'm no expert, the shoes fit well, but for whatever reason the heel area on both feet is causing me a great deal of...
too slow. 
 i'm definitely not suggesting pjohnson is under some duty to correct every publication incorrectly characterising their wares as bespoke. my observations were more directed to this forum, where the consensus as far as pjohnson goes is (and obviously i'm paraphrasing here) that the distinction between bespoke and mtm, and tailor and fitter isn't necessarily important as long as you're happy with the product. however, if your label was sjackson tailors and not pjohnson...
believe me, i am not doubting pjohnson's quality. there's no question product quality is high, service excellent and the following deserved.    having said that, the issue of whether the following is deserved or not is irrelevant to my previous post; the content of which i stand by. 
my $0.02 is in the main it doesn't really matter.    but i'd hazard a guess and say were this forum not discussing pjohnson, but a lesser known retailer, or a retailer without the cult following pjohnson has on this board in particular, the distinction between bespoke and mto and tailor and fitter would suddenly become more relevant. 
 have seen there is a lot of love for filson ITT, original briefcase can be had for $145 USD from shophaberdash, which is cheaper than I've ever seen it. 
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