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Is it an option to supplement the $300 with some of your own money and buy something that you know you want and will use again rather than rigidly sticking to the budget? I would do this if so.
 thanks for the tip. just took a punt on the slim/straight selvedge for $40.  i guess now is as good a time as any to ask whether they fit true to size? 
congratulations. that certificate is certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the victorian equivalent. 
any update on this? 
would like to see someone who isn't 6"3 and <70kg wearing the lemaire stuff.     i imagine it is extremely hit and miss. 
Is it just the waist that has been tailored?    Can we have a measurement across the waist as well?   Cheers. 
What is your height & weight?    And do you have a pic of it on? 
 are they labelled at all?
 sign me up. 
 In for NdN and Tuscan Leather. Is combined postage an option or are they coming from different sources?  Please PM me the payment details. 
New Posts  All Forums: